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Welcome to Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) -- a university known for its quality academic programs, friendly atmosphere and economical cost. Located in the small city of Weatherford, in the heart of western Oklahoma, it offers a safe, hospitable environment.

SWOSU is home to 5,000 students of which 250 are students from outside the USA representing some 35 countries. Students may complete associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees while attending either the traditional on-campus classes or participating in distance-learning opportunities provided through state-of-the-art technology.

SWOSU Mission, Values & Vision


SWOSU confirmed its values with its stakeholders.

  • We value our standing as a premier Oklahoma institution of higher education that meets the needs of the state and the region by providing accessible, affordable, high-quality associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and professional degree programs.
  • We are committed to high standards for instruction, administrative services, research, scholarly and creative activities, and service to the university and community.
  • Our faculty, staff, and administration are committed to fostering a safe, healthy, and diverse intellectual, cultural, and social environment for student success.
  • We are dedicated to the economic stability and growth of our region, and we cherish our role as a center for arts, culture, science, and technology.
  • We guide our actions by fairness, honesty, and integrity as we meet our obligations through the wise use of the financial and natural resources entrusted to us.


As a premier university responding to an ever-changing world, SWOSU will provide an environment for faculty, student and graduate success and public service through a variety of elements:

  • Innovative and accessible academic programs;
  • Student activities and opportunities;
  • Cultural inclusion and diversity;
  • Expanded international programs, opportunities for international students, and promotion of global awareness;
  • Community and private sector partnerships that benefit students, faculty and staff and the community;
  • Student and faculty research, scholarly, and creative activities that expand bodies of knowledge and enhance the quality of life;
  • Activities and investments that promote ethical, intellectual, professional, and personal growth;
  • Promotion of university and community health and wellness;
  • Commitment to advancing and maintaining technologies that optimize university operations and classroom and student distance learning;
  • Management of our financial resources and establishment of new avenues to support and preserve quality programs; and
  • Expansion of alumni relations, recognition, partnerships, and support.


The mission of Southwestern Oklahoma State University, a member of the Regional University System of Oklahoma, is to provide educational opportunities, research, scholarly and creative activities, and service in a safe, accessible, nurturing learning environment that meets the needs of the state and region and contributes to the educational, economic, and cultural environment. SWOSU provides traditionally strong programs of study leading to a variety of degrees, from associate to doctoral degrees. The University’s areas of study, nationally accredited programs, general education curriculum, service and experiential learning activities, and participation in student activities and organizations provide students with opportunities to obtain skills, knowledge, and cultural appreciation that promote achievement by students and alumni.

ESL Center - The Language Company

TLC-Weatherford is an auxiliary site to TLC-Edmond located on the campus of Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU). With us, you will improve your English skills and at the same time build great memories of the United States and its people.

You will study under teachers highly skilled in teaching English to international students. You will have academic counselors to guide you every step of the way. Our cooperating college network will make it easier for you to enter the American university of your choice.

You will grow culturally as well as academically. Activities sponsored by The Language Company feature exploring communities and cities where you experience the American way of life.

Overall Goals

  • Develop and deliver quality programs with distinctly qualified personnel and delivery systems that ensure client and sponsor satisfaction.
  • Ensure effective governance, leadership, and communication throughout the entire organization.
  • Ensure a strong financial foundation for the company.
  • Set standards and ensure opportunities for professional growth and development for all employees.
  • Develop and deliver quality services to ensure client and sponsor satisfaction satisfaction.
  • Ensure company vitality through client diversification and fiscal management.
  • Ensure the company's strategic activities and planning are in line with ESL industry standards and drive the company's mission.

Fast Facts

  • Approximately 5,100 students enroll each fall on the SWOSU campus.
  • SWOSU offers over 100 different majors and 1,000 different classes.
  • Our proud tradition includes strong academic programs and quality faculty.
  • SWOSU has 14 nationally accredited academic programs—the most among Oklahoma’s regional universities.
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Southwestern Oklahoma State University

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