Southern University Baton Rouge College of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies


Welcome to the College of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies! Our College offers a supportive and engaging learning environment where every student is valued and encouraged to pursue excellence. To this end, the College provides academic programs that prepare students to demonstrate mastery of analytical, verbal, and written communication skills; excellence in artistic production and performance; distinction as superior K-12 teachers, administrators, and educational leaders; and overall leadership in meeting the diverse challenges of the 21st-century global community. Additionally, our College provides courses to all majors at Southern University as an integral part of the university’s general education core curriculum. Our courses emphasize a broad and diverse view of liberal arts and education, empowering our students to become critically aware of human complexities, as well as social and educational institutions and problems. To enhance the cultural climate of Southern University and its surrounding Baton Rouge community, the College proudly provides a variety of lectures, workshops, concerts, artistic productions, and art exhibits.


Baton Rouge

Harding Boulevard,801
70807 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

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