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Ohio Wesleyan offers an all-you-can-experience buffet of learning and experiencing and doing that will leave you wanting more.

Since 1842.

Still Insatiable.

Ohio Wesleyan University is a community of people who have an insatiable appetite for life and learning. We are passionate and eager to make connections with the world around us and the world within. Why? Because connecting disparate ideas, perspectives, and experiences fuels innovation and discovery. Our 200-acre campus offers endless opportunities to explore. Pursue them all. Dream up new ideas. Seize mind-blowing and future-shaping opportunities. Fully experience the richness and connectedness of a liberal arts education.

Create Tomorrow for Our Students & Your University

With the $200 million Connect Today, Create Tomorrow comprehensive campaign — the largest in school history — we are renewing our commitment to our founding principles as we chart a bold path forward. At OWU, the enduring values of a liberal arts education continue to prepare graduates for lives of leadership and service in every segment of our society. Thank you for your role in sustaining our legacy.

Investing in Our Professors | Goal: $37 million

Ask anyone what they love about OWU, and they’ll name a favorite professor — or two or three. Your support enables OWU to recruit, foster, and develop our greatest asset — the people who educate, shape, and inspire our leaders of tomorrow.

Scholarships and Financial Aid | Goal: $50 million

We must not let resources be an impediment to the transformational effect of an OWU education. Whether it is need-based, merit-based, or aid for a returning student, scholarships can be the deciding factor in bringing a student to OWU, and ensuring they are able to complete their degree.

Investing in Our Campus: Capital Improvements | Goal: $43 million

Our historic campus has been graced with several impressive new buildings and seen some of our most iconic spaces given new life and purpose thanks to significant philanthropic support.

The OWU Connection | Goal: $35 million

This innovative curricular program allows students to connect academic theory with real-world practice in a global context. In addition, student access to internships will be expanded through the planned Career Connections Center.

Investing in Each Day: Annual Giving | Goal: $35 million

We remain committed to preserving our beautiful campus and enhancing our high-tech learning spaces. From technology to program funding, to faculty and staff training and salaries, annual gifts touch each part of OWU, every day.

Mission & Aims

Statement of Aims

Since its founding, Ohio Wesleyan has maintained its connection with the Methodist (now United Methodist) Church, offering a quality of scholarship, leadership, and service that has enriched both Church and society.

Ohio Wesleyan's charter provided that “the University is forever to be conducted on the most liberal principles, accessible to all religious denominations, and designed for the benefit of our citizens in general.”

In the spirit of this heritage, the University defines itself as a community of teachers and students devoted to the free pursuit of truth. It attempts to develop in its students' qualities of intellect and character that will be useful no matter what they choose to do in later life. The transmission, extension, and discovery of knowledge are central to the liberal arts tradition.

While encouraging professional scholarship and feeling justifiably proud of its faculty and graduates who enjoy national or international reputations in their fields, the University has as its preeminent purpose to be a quality institution for teaching and learning. Because effective teaching is of the highest importance, members of the faculty regularly are reviewed and evaluated for excellence in teaching.

Ohio Wesleyan judges itself successful when it has accomplished three objectives in its work with students:

The first is to impart knowledge. Included here is knowledge about our cultural past; a liberal education communicates what great minds have thought, great artists have created, great leaders have done. Also included is new knowledge; a liberal education communicates what is being acquired on the frontiers of contemporary inquiry and current advances of the human spirit. The objective of imparting knowledge begins with the conviction that it is intrinsically worthwhile to possess the knowledge and insight transmitted through the humanities, arts, and sciences.

The second major objective is to develop and enhance certain important capabilities of students. As they progress through the curriculum of the University, students secure the foundation skills of reading, writing, and quantitative analysis. They build on these skills the capacity to think critically and logically, to employ the methods of the different fields of inquiry, and to understand the symbolic languages used to codify and communicate knowledge in today’s society. They may develop aesthetic sensibilities or creative talents in several fields. Many students learn to integrate theory with practice by preparing for careers within various disciplines and through pre-professional and professional programs.

The third objective is to place education in the context of values. Liberal education seeks to develop in students understanding of themselves, appreciation of others, and willingness to meet the responsibilities of citizenship in a free society. It recognizes that trained sensitivity to private and public value issues, grounded in a sound grasp of various cultural heritages, is important for maturation and for living a good life. It accords high honor to intellectual honesty. Consistent with our Methodist tradition, Ohio Wesleyan encourages concern for all religious and ethical issues and stimulates its students to examine their own views in light of these issues.

To the extent that Ohio Wesleyan educates liberally, it fulfills its ultimate purpose of equipping students with knowledge, competence, and character for leadership, service, and continued learning in a complex and increasingly global society.



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