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Lycoming College enjoys its present status as a national liberal arts and sciences college largely because its leaders have remained steadfast to the tradition established by its founders, believing that the best preparation a person can have for a happy and successful life is time spent studying the liberal arts and sciences.

Lycoming College is committed to the principle that a liberal arts education provides an excellent foundation for an informed and productive life. Consequently, the Baccalaureate degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) is conferred upon the student who has completed an educational program incorporating the two principles of a liberal arts education known as distribution and concentration.

The objective of the distribution principle is to ensure that the student achieves intellectual breadth through the study of the arts, humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences and modern or ancient languages and their literatures. The objective of the concentration principle is to provide depth of learning through completion of a program of study in each discipline or subject area known as the major. The effect of both principles is to impart knowledge, inspire inquiry and encourage creative thought.



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