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Kingdom College of Natural Health was established in 1993 and has been recognized throughout the world as a premier Distance & Online Learning educator. All faculty members are practitioners of the healing arts, adept in mentoring and guiding students to a successful career. Our faculty is world-class, and our staff is trained to answer questions about every aspect of the student’s education. Whether you are new to the principles of holistic health, a keen amateur, or a seasoned professional, Kingdom College of Natural Health provides a cultivated avenue to the world of the knowledge that you seek.

The natural health field is growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the world. And millions of people – aware of the detrimental effects of pharma based western medicine – are joining health-oriented people around the globe in embracing the ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE approach. Encompassing the core building blocks of all living organisms, a holistic approach promotes the building, repair and maintenance of health.


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