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Keuka College was founded in 1890 and is located on the shore of Keuka Lake in New York state’s Finger Lakes region. Keuka College is a private, undergraduate and graduate, residential college that offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs on campus and through its Accelerated Studies for Adults Program and international programs in China and Vietnam. Regardless of degree or location, Keuka College graduates boast significant, real-world experience that impresses employers and graduate schools. And that’s because experiential learning has long been the cornerstone of the Keuka College experience. A number of highly respected, national sources have praised the Keuka College experience, including the print media (U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, Washington Monthly), educational foundations (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching), and even the White House (President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll). At the heart of Keuka College's commitment to experiential learning is Field Period, a required internship program for our home campus undergraduate students. Each year, they garner 140 hours of hands-on experience, putting into practice what they learned in the classroom. Students may elect to pursue international Field Periods with the College’s partner universities or on their own. Keuka College offers 34 bachelor’s degree programs on its home campus, many with specialized concentrations; 27 minors; and self-designed majors. Keuka College also offers seven master’s degree programs and pre-professional programs in dentistry, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, and physical therapy. Community service has been part and parcel of the Keuka College experience since it was founded and today, all of the 40-plus clubs on the home campus are required to conduct at least one community service project each semester. Keuka College offers 17 intercollegiate sports and a variety of intramural sports on its home campus. Through its Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP), the College offers bachelor’s degree completion programs in organizational management, criminal justice systems, social work, and nursing, as well as master’s degrees in management, criminal justice administration, and nursing at locations around New York state. The College also extends educational opportunities via the Internet through its Wertman Office of Distance Education. Keuka College is also a major educational player in the Pacific Rim, with 2,680 Chinese students pursuing Keuka College's degrees at four partner universities, one of the largest enrollments of any U.S. college operating in the country. Another 505 Vietnamese students are doing likewise at two universities in Vietnam. More than 110 international students study on the home campus.

Our Values

Integrity. At Keuka College, behaving ethically and with integrity means being honest, keeping promises, and respecting the property and interests of others. Our personal and professional integrity guides the actions of our college community, supports the character development, wellness, and spirituality of our students, and makes us a more civil society. Keuka College develops integrity and ethical behavior in its students through the curriculum and by consistent modeling of honest and forthright behavior by the faculty, staff, administration, and alumni. • Academic Excellence. At Keuka College, academic excellence is central to the college’s educational mission, and high expectations are set for students and faculty alike. We value intellectual achievement and scholarship, employ innovative and engaging educational practices to develop the whole person and emphasize the cultivation of critical thinking skills and the love of learning. Academic excellence is not solely a function of the intellectual abilities of the college’s students but rather is highly dependent on the quality and rigor of the teaching/learning process. • Student-Centeredness. At Keuka College, we provide a holistic learning experience fostering the intellectual and personal growth of each student. Students, teachers, staff, and alumni are engaged in a way that connects the learning process to the world beyond the college. Through academic programs, collaborative partnerships and experiential learning experiences, Keuka College students broaden their skills and perspectives of careers, personal responsibility, wellness, and civic engagement. • Diversity. At Keuka College, we acknowledge, respect, and celebrate our differences. Our community consists of many identities, each of which provides a valued perspective. We foster an inclusive environment in which we intentionally work toward understanding, respecting, and appreciating diversity. In doing so, we move beyond tolerance to understanding and mutual respect. • Global Perspective. At Keuka College, having a global perspective means being open-minded when working with people of diverse geographical origin and cultural heritage – learning from them, and they from us. In order to prepare students for the world of the 21st century, we provide them with opportunities to learn and interact with other cultures, peoples, and perspectives. Student exposure occurs in many ways – in the classroom through our domestic and international academic programs and curricula, and outside the classroom through multiple opportunities to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. • Stewardship. At Keuka College, we are committed to preserving and building our legacy for future generations and to fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to the college. Active stewardship is an ethical and institutional responsibility that embodies careful, prudent utilization and management of our resources, including our people, financial holdings, natural resources, and capital assets. The College and its constituents have a moral and financial imperative to use our many and varied resources in ways that are effective, efficient, and sustainable. • Citizenship. At Keuka College, we believe citizenship includes aspects of leadership, service, and social responsibility. All members of the Keuka College community strive to be good leaders and exemplary citizens. Effective leaders and citizens exhibit common traits of wisdom, determination, vision, emotional intelligence, empathy and social responsibility. We actively model these qualities and mentor their development, thereby demonstrating and encouraging exemplary citizenship – locally, nationally, and globally.


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