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Whether you are interested in integrative medicine as a career or an extension of existing medical practice, the Florida College of Integrative Medicine (FCIM) offers a unique program that integrates the teachings and techniques of Oriental Medicine with the foundation of Western medical sciences. FCIM is unique in that this integration of knowledge is demonstrated consistently throughout our curriculum, which better prepares our graduates to meet the changing demands of America's fast-evolving healthcare landscape.

As an institution dedicated to the effective integration of Oriental Medicine teachings and Western medical sciences, FCIM strives to give our successful graduates - each of whom will hold both a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Studies and a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine - a unique edge to meet the changing demands of America's evolving healthcare delivery system.


The Florida College of Integrative Medicine (FCIM) is one of the oldest Acupuncture Schools in America. Established in 1990, FCIM was the first school in Florida accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) and licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education.

Since 1990, FCIM has fostered an excellent reputation as one of America's premier institutions for Oriental Medicine, particularly in the State of Florida and the Southeastern United States. In 1997 FCIM started admitting international students and have already produced successful graduates from countries such as Australia, England, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, Iran, India, China, and Taiwan.


The Mission of the Oriental Medicine Program

Our Mission Statement

FCIM’s mission is to provide a comprehensive education in Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, concepts and practices that is designed to train the individual student to become a qualified and licensed healthcare professional who provides acupuncture diagnosis and treatment, herbal remedies, as well as adjunctive therapies and diagnostic techniques for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and the prevention of disease.

Mission and Philosophy of the Oriental Medicine Program

The mission of the Oriental Medicine Program is to offer a comprehensive education in the fundamental theories and practices of Oriental Medicine while ensuring that graduates are knowledgeable in relevant Western medical science concepts and technologies.

The integration of Western medical sciences within the Oriental Medical Program enhances the quality of Oriental Medicine treatment provided by our students and graduates. The rigorous curriculum is both broad and in-depth and is designed to contribute to the professional and personal growth of students by helping them develop responsible independent judgment and deliver effective patient care.

Our Mission Statement is the cornerstone of all our instructional activities and programs and is manifested unequivocally in our publications, admission processes, classroom experiences, clinical procedures, faculty selections, and continuing education programs. Based on a world view that embraces the importance of maintaining harmony and balance within each individual's body, we set out to foster professional primary healthcare practitioners who are adept at acupuncture diagnosis and Oriental Medicine treatment, as well as adjunctive therapies and diagnostic techniques, all for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and the prevention of diseases.




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