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Founded in 1864—just a few years after the city of Denver itself was founded—the University of Denver is one of the country's premier private universities. The University's 125-acre campus, a few miles south of downtown Denver, is home to more than 11,500 students hailing from all regions of the United States and 83 other countries. The University offers:

  • more than 100 undergraduate programs of study.
  • more than 120 graduate and professional programs.

Regardless of what they inquire, the students embark on a personal educational journey that helps them find and follow their individual purpose.


Our students work closely with faculty, peers and members of the community on projects, research, and fieldwork. They cross disciplines to discover new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. In and out of the classroom, our students learn by doing, whether they're collecting data in the field or putting theory into practice in a clinical setting.


Not only do we work to improve our immediate community, but we send our students and faculty abroad for study and research with wide-ranging impact. Just as important, we welcome students and faculty from all over the world to bring new ideas and insights to our campus. Through local and international service learning programs, our students have worked alongside communities everywhere from downtown Denver to Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond. Research led by our faculty and students has made a tangible difference in a huge range of fields, generating new medical technologies, environmental safeguards, archaeological discoveries and much more. But the most significant impact the University has is through its alumni. When they leave here, the students go on to make meaningful and lasting contributions to their professions and their communities.

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University of Denver

University of Denver
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