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At Boston Baptist College, we believe college should not simply be a time for mental growth but also spiritual growth. We believe education and biblical spirituality can and should walk hand-in-hand.

We challenge our students to think biblically by encouraging all students to pursue academic excellence and pursue spiritual and theological excellence by providing every student with the techniques for accurate biblical hermeneutics and applying Scripture to the physical world.

We encourage our students to discover globally by providing numerous opportunities for students to study abroad. Our annual Study Trip Program has been transporting students all over the world for over a decade. The renowned study-abroad program has helped students learn beyond the classroom in Israel, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Germany, France, Israel, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Egypt!

We continuously challenge our students to take the skills they learn in the classroom and use those skills to build up the Kingdom of God here on earth.



Metropolitan Avenue,950
02136 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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