Antalya Bilim University


Why ABU?

There are many reasons to choose ABU as the first step to shaping your future and a new life:

  • Courses are taught by highly qualified lecturers with doctorates from the world's top universities
  • ABU offers a truly international experience. Students from 75 different countries are enrolled in the university, while faculty members represent 19 different countries.
  • ABU campus is home for youth from all over the world; ABU is a diverse, multicultural university.
  • ABU campus offers a great variety of social and academic opportunities, available to all students throughout their education.
  • Via a wide range of scholarships, ABU offers equal education opportunities to all.
  • Students graduate from ABU as world citizens with a clear international vision.

A University with great goals

ABU is a research university that offers interdisciplinary master and Ph.D. programs over a wide range of subjects.

Our academic staff includes faculty members who have attained their PhDs from leading universities abroad, and who have conducted outstanding academic research. Thus, ABU is able to offer quality education for students, enabling them to easily find employment opportunities throughout the world.

ABU has adopted a life-long education program. ABU, the leading innovation, and education center in the Mediterranean Region responds to the educational needs of individuals and the business world in the region through our Continuous Education Center.

The Future is in Your Hands

ABU offers a world of opportunities, opening doors to a great future.

  • Learn up-to-date information in skills in a beautiful natural setting
  • Learn side by side with students and lecturers from all over the world
  • Have the skillsets to be CEO of leading international companies
  • Be familiar with other language and cultures
  • Receive the perception and skills to create ground-breaking innovations
  • Have a wide global network that will help you break into international markets

High Standards at ABU

Highly Qualified Faculty Members

The faculty members at ABU have received PhD degrees from leading universities throughout the world, including MIT, Cornell, Duke, Purdue, University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin, University of Toronto, USC, Birmingham University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida State University, University of Arizona, Johannes Gutenberg University and Michigan University.*

*A complete list of faculty members is available on the ABU website

ABU provides a wide range of support for students

Double Major Degree

At Antalya Bilim University with the approval of the relevant administrative board, students with a GPA of 2.8 or above and who rank in the top 20% of their department can enroll in two different undergraduate programs simultaneously, graduating with diplomas from both programs. Double major students must take all the compulsory courses in the second major program. Students can enroll in a double major program in their third, fourth or fifth semester.

Minor Degree

At Antalya Bilim University students with a GPA of 2.60 can enroll in a minor program if they meet the minimum course and credit criteria set by the administrative board of the relevant college. Students who have successfully completed all the credit courses can apply for a minor degree at the beginning of the third, fourth, fifth or sixth semester of their major.

International Students Office

When you come to Antalya Bilim University, You will not be on your own as our university has an "International Students Office" for responding to every possible concern of our international students.

Our office provides social and cultural events who are new to Antalya. As an international student, you will have the opportunity to explore different cultures, discover new experiences and make new friends throughout the events that are organized by our international students office.

Our University aims to make the transition to Antalya Bilim University and life in Antalya as smooth as possible



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Keystone Scholarship

Discover the options our scholarship can give you