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At DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, you will experience a rigorous education designed to prepare you for exciting job opportunities within the global digital economy. Through your studies, you will develop theoretical frameworks and foundational knowledge that will be relevant and useful throughout your career.

In addition to your regular coursework and assignments, you will be applying your knowledge to hands-on team projects that leverage communication and interdisciplinary collaboration. This project-based focus challenges you to solve difficult problems as you work together to create original software, games, animations, and more in an academic environment that replicates a professional production studio. By the time you graduate, you will have a strong grasp of foundational knowledge in your field, the ability to innovate new solutions, and a portfolio of work that can help you stand out to prospective employers.


DigiPen was founded by Claude Comair in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada, as a computer simulation and animation company. As the demand for work increased, Mr. Comair faced difficulty in finding qualified personnel who not only had a fundamental understanding of computer science but were versed in the latest digital technology as well. As such, DigiPen began offering a dedicated training program in 3D computer animation. Soon after, DigiPen partnered with Nintendo of America to establish a certification program in video game programming.

As video games evolved from simple 2D graphics to sophisticated 3D worlds, the industry’s need for qualified employees with advanced education in digital art, design, and software engineering continued to expand. Anticipating this growing need, DigiPen devised and began offering the world’s first bachelor’s degree program in video game development (the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation) that would prepare students for the unique challenges of creating professional 3D game and simulation software. DigiPen relocated its campus to Redmond, Washington, U.S.A., in 1998 and opened its doors as DigiPen Institute of Technology.

What began as a groundbreaking approach to simulation and game development education has evolved to encompass new programs in digital art and animation, computer engineering, game design, music and sound design, and other computer science specializations. Today, DigiPen offers nine bachelor’s degree programs and two master’s programs at its Redmond campus. DigiPen also offers degree programs at two international campuses in Singapore and Bilbao, Spain, as well as through cooperative educational partnerships with schools in South Korea and Thailand.

The DigiPen Difference

Students choose DigiPen (Singapore) for a variety of reasons — be it our specialized programs, emphasis on team projects and applied learning, exceptional alumni network and industry connections, or experienced faculty. These are just a few of the characteristics that define both who we are and what we do.


By declaring your area of study when you apply, you’ll jump right into the coursework most relevant to your field. By the end of your studies, you will have an advanced level of knowledge and be ready to make the jump into your new career.


DigiPen teaches you to be a problem solver and innovator through real-world projects. By applying academic principles to concrete year-long team projects, you and your peers gain the practical knowledge to become creators — not just users — of technology.


Our strong connections to the Singapore technology sector allow you to tap into a deep well of industry experience and begin building your professional network from your first days on campus. We work closely with a number of respected industry partners — including Ubisoft Singapore, Autodesk, Koei Tecmo, Continental Automotive, and more — to provide professional growth and career opportunities for our students.


DigiPen students have won 57 awards at the Independent Games Festival — more than any other school in the world. And for 10 years running, The Princeton Review has ranked DigiPen among the top five schools for game design.


We hire world-class content experts from leading academic institutions and industry giants, such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, Pixar, Bungie, and Sony. Our faculty instructors bring the collective experience of award-winning academic research, cutting-edge software development, triple-A video game production, and industry leadership directly to the classroom.



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