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Baltic Humanitarian Institute (BGI) - A modern educational institution, implements the highest quality programs, postgraduate and additional professional education.

institution status confirmed by the license of the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science. The presence of state accreditation allows the institution to issue state diplomas to graduates.

Baltic Humanitarian Institute (BGI) - is a private educational institution that, corresponding state educational standards, Trains specialists in the field of higher first, second, postgraduate, as well as additional professional education.

Departments of the Institute:

Faculty of Economics and Management; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Psychology; Second degree; Faculty of additional education.

the principal task BGI is a competitive issue, professionally competent professionals who possess excellent level of practical and scientific knowledge. To achieve this goal, the maximum Institute improved for the benefit of their students.

BGI Institute trains specialists in such fields as economy, municipal and public administration and management.

The institute works highly qualified teaching staff and practitioners, Which allows us to guarantee high quality training.

At the moment, the Baltic Institute of Humanities in St. Petersburg has developed material and technical base, which allows you to deal with all students' learning issues at the present level, a special computer classes and other specially equipped classrooms and a library, which contains the latest textbooks, and scientific journals.

The institute competitions every year, as well as conferences that enable students to develop and improve their knowledge and skills. Another feature of BGI is the availability of pre-university training and further education, which includes: courses for professional development, training, preparation for the exam, especially the exam and exam courses. Due to such characteristics of the institution of higher education, an applicant or student will be much easier to pass the state exam and test yourself and your strength in the chosen direction.

Institute BGI develops all the time, opening up new prestigious specialty that allows you to develop cooperation with Western partners on a higher level. This enables graduates to BGI practical training abroad and receive international certificate, which will be in demand in the labor market specialist.

Education in the Baltic Humanitarian Institute

At BGI, the following forms of education:

day; part-time; correspondence; the possibility of training for the individual curriculum.

Due to this diversity of forms of training in the Baltic Humanitarian Institute, everyone can choose the one that suits him best, as well as to combine study and work, if necessary.

Students who do not speak the Russian language, to enroll in courses / programs will be granted a one-year introductory course of Russian language.

Students who do not speak Russian will be provided with a one year introductory course in the Russian language prior to enrolling in the degree courses / programs.


Saint Petersburg

Baltic Humanitarian Institute

пр. Стачек, д. 72, лит.А ст.м. “Кировский завод” (рядом с метро)
198188 Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
+8 800 770 03 80

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