Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland


Vincent Pol University in Lublin (VPU) is one of the leading and internationally-oriented
a non-public higher institution located in eastern Poland. Established in 2000, the university has dedicated itself to meeting the expectations of young people willing to achieve their professional aims and fulfil their passions.

Practical Education

The University offers a range of full-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in Polish and English, approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Immense interest in the programmes offered at VPU is determined by well-qualified and highly-experienced academic staff, and also by the special emphasis on the practicability of programmes and curricula, which are continuously updated to meet the requirements of the job market.

British degrees

VPU students can also choose a special program 2+1, as two of VPU programmes (Tourism and Hospitality Management and Sports Science) are operated in conjunction with the University of Northampton and University of Bedfordshire. Upon completion of two years at Vincent Pol University students of these programmes can continue their education in the partner universities in the UK and get a British degree.

University Facilities

VPU has special teaching rooms for physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, cosmetology, biomechanics, massage, chemistry, tourism, gastronomy, geography and IT. There are also recreation rooms, gymnasiums, fitness suites etc. The cafeteria is a popular meeting place for students. The University provides library resources (about 22 000 volumes) and a WiFi access.

In 2010 the University founded the Academic Physiotherapy Centre, a modern clinic, to be used by our physiotherapy students to work with citizens of Lublin, with the newest equipment for diagnostics and rehabilitation, and is contracted with the Polish National Health System.Students do their clinical practice and scientific research can be conducted there.

Our students have the opportunity to rest at "Green School" - The University’s Education and Recreational Center in Piotrawin, about 60 kilometres from Lublin.

Multicultural Environment

VPU has a unique international atmosphere, where students coming from more than 30 countries can meet other cultures and gain valuable life experience. Dedicated International Studies Office provides a variety of services for the students- one-year preparatory English course, career planning and internships, a business incubator, scientific clubs, cultural events etc.

The University Authorities prioritize internationalization as a major part of their development strategy. The University has recently established partnerships with institutions in Europe, Africa and Asia. Students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. In return, we welcome students from abroad spending a period of their studies in Lublin. Students enrolled in the Erasmus+ program receive a scholarship.

Student Life

Vincent Pol University is situated close to the city centre, with easy access by public transport. Lublin has many affordable restaurants, bars and leisure facilities, and our students enjoy evenings out in the historic and safe city centre. Lublin is a city full of students and the costs of living are relatively low. It is an ideal location for students from around the world, and we encourage all of them to come to VPU.

VPU has been accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from 12 July 2000 (DNS-1-0145-396/Eko/2000) and registered under the ordinal number 186.

The University offers a range of full-time Master and Bachelor degree programmes, which are mentioned below.

Long – cycle Studies (5 – YEAR Master’s degree programmes):

  1. Physiotherapy

First – cycle Studies (3 – YEAR Bachelor’s degree programmes):

  1. Beauty Science
  2. Tourism and Hospitality Management
  3. Sport Science
  4. English philology

Second – cycle Studies (2 – YEAR Master’s degree programmes):

1. Physiotherapy

2. International Tourism



Vincent Pol University in Lublin

ul. Choiny 2
20-816 Lublin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
+48 81 740 72 40

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