United Campus of Malta


Who We Are

UCM sources for worldwide innovative learning approaches reinterprets and offers them to students who are aiming to be part of the new international job trends.

We engage international business professionals and pioneers in the most innovative, interdisciplinary education techniques to assure the highest learning standard.

UCM leverage on almost twenty years of academic experience in Switzerland, where one if its campus is based.

UCM is accredited by the National Commission for Higher and Further Education with the License no. 2015-011. *


UCM, a boutique educational provider, focuses on the latest trends, niches, and needs of the labor market, enabling UCM to quickly craft its educational methods and courses to be in line with present times. UCM prides itself on a flexible, agile academic structure, which provides an added value for students.

UCM implements the vision of founder Prof. Paolo Sotgiu, by focusing on each student’s overall wellbeing, their emotional, intellectual, academic and social self. UCM, therefore, emphasizes teaching methods and educational environments that create rich learning communities.


Saint Julian's

Panta House, Valley Road, Msida, MSD 9024, Malta
9024 Saint Julian's, Malta
+ 356 2745 0888

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