Transport and Telecommunication Institute


The mission of TSI – combination of classic university traditions and innovative technologies, exact sciences and creative approach. Purpose of TSI – steady necessary of our graduates at the international labor market.

Transport and telecommunication institute (lat. Transporta un sakaru institūts – TSI) – is a modern university with the almost centennial history. TSI – is the university-successor of the legendary RKIIGA (Riga Red-Banner Civil Aviation Institute) and RAU (Riga Aviation Institute). In the present - day appearance, TSI was established in 1999. Nowadays TSI – is the only one private technical college university type in Latvia where you can get higher education in Latvian and English.


TSI received permanent accreditation in Latvia as a higher education institution.

The Institute provides with the academic programs in the following directions: transport and logistics, computer sciences, electronics and telecommunication, management, aviation transport (also pilot). Now 2020, all education directions of TSI received accreditation for the maximum period – 6 years.

You can get a higher professional education at first and second levels, bachelor and master degrees, prepare and defend a doctoral dissertation, choosing TSI.

Study programmes in Institute are focused on practical value of education, therefore the programmes are developed with cooperation with TSI partner industry representatives.

TSI is conducting the diversified research scientific work. According to the results of expert evaluation Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the only one among private colleges included in the list of leading scientific institutions, acting in Latvia. The total amount of institute graduates – more than 8900. The current amount of students – more than 2600. There are students from Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Uzbekistan and more other countries in TSI.

The most popular education directions for foreign students are: logistics, information technologies, aviation. TSI – is accredited education, splendid lecturing staff, science and technology base, answering to the latest requirements, maximum considered learning environment, and, of course, diploma, admitted in the most World countries.



Transport And Telecommunication Institute
Lomonosova street 1

LV-1019 Riga, Latvia