Нархоз Университет


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Only half a century of experience in training highly qualified specialists successfully combines with modern and innovative methods of teaching.


Train future community leaders, nations and the world through high-quality education and research.


By 2020, to become the best and most innovative economic university in Central Asia.


I'm a leader, We are a team, Everything is for a student.


  • Provide a quality education in the field of economics and business that meets world standards and is accessible to most people.
  • Eliminate the language barrier, teaching future specialists in Kazakh, Russian and English.
  • Support talented students by launching a scholarship program. We allocate 105 educational grants that completely cover the cost of education, 5 of which also provide study visits to the world's leading universities and paid internships.
  • Reform the curriculum, focusing on developing the students' practical skills necessary for further successful employment. The university is changing the theoretical approach to innovation.
  • Let the professionals who are able to think critically and, most importantly, think independently. This ability helps our graduates get interesting work and move on in their careers.
  • Dishonest ways of obtaining results are not for our students. That's why Narchoz says "NO" to plagiarism and cheating.
  • To improve the Career Center and to find effective ways of training specialists in demand on the labor market.
  • Integrate online technologies into the curriculum and teaching methods. The university successfully uses the latest technologies to make education even more accessible and effective.
  • Expand partnerships with universities in other countries, giving students and teachers the opportunity to study and take internships abroad.
  • Ensure the safety and dynamism of student life.
  • To build close relations with the Kazakh business community in order to provide internships and further employment for our graduates.



Zhandosov Street 55
050035 Almaty, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan