Komazawa University


Komazawa University aims to cultivate students who try to introspect, learn new trends in academic studies, and practice them in modern society by applying Buddhist Teachings and the Spirit of Zen to today's education.

Komazawa University will make every effort to achieve its purposes as a university by promoting intellectual advancement, while also efficiently making use of the advantages of being located in the center of metropolitan Tokyo.


Setagaya City

Komazawa Campus
1-23-1 Komazawa

154-8525 Setagaya City, Tokyo, Japan

Setagaya City

Fukasawa Campus
6-8-18 Fukasawa

158-0081 Setagaya City, Tokyo, Japan

Setagaya City

Tamagawa Campus
1-1-1 Unane

157-0068 Setagaya City, Tokyo, Japan

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