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The College of Crete MBS was founded in 1979, and throughout the intervening years has experienced change, improvement, and continual growth. 34 years later, we are proud of our collaborations with both industry and other educational institutions, our diverse portfolio of undergraduate programmes, and of our continuous investment in developing up to date teaching and learning facilities.

Students learning together

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Our Philosophy

The College of Crete MBS offers structures and important collaborations, with international recognition, in order to provide contemporary University education. Due to the demands for specialized knowledge and abilities posed by the international markets, current students must be highly equipped in order to ensure a successful career in the competitive employment market.

Our Vision

MBS’s vision is to become a leading private higher education institution in the wider Mediterranean Sea region.

In order to achieve this vision, MBS aims in a continuing provision of high-quality education, expansion of its operations and attraction of potential students around the Mediterranean Sea.

Our Strategy

MBS’s main strategic objective is to enable its students to experience the same learning environment with students studying at the main site of the University base. MBS’s strategy for delivery of programs focuses on small class sizes (up to 25 students) in contrast to Greek public universities where the class size is large (more than 250 students). Maintaining small class sizes is a basic component in the process of effectively monitoring the progress of each student and providing the highest possible support. Monitoring each individual student’s performance and progress contributes to the overall teaching and learning experience and quality of the program(s).

Why study with us

  • High-quality British University education in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.
  • Graduates have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to stand out and make a difference in the job market.
  • Graduate with the same degree as the one awarded to students who studied at UK University and confer the same professional rights.
  • International recognition of the awarded degree and significant career prospects both in Greece and abroad.



713 04 Heraklion, Greece

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