ICN Business School


Welcome to ICN Business School!


ICN Business School has 4 campuses:
- Paris La Défense
- Nancy
- Berlin

- Nancy

and has been one of the best management schools in France since 1905. (#15 in 2019 in the Echos START rankings)

Joining ICN Business School is a choice to be made for any future responsible manager.
Open-mindedness, team spirit and commitment are ICN's core values, shared by all: students, staff and faculty.

  • Become a member of a big family that provides individual tutoring and coaching towards your professional development to become a creative manager.
  • Obtain a degree, or event a double degree, from an internationally recognized school
  • Live the unique Artem pedagogical approach to be even more operational when joining the job market

Key facts and figures:

  • Equis-accredited
  • AMBA-accredited
  • AACSB accredited
  • 3000 students
  • 15 000 graduates
  • 119 parnter universities throughout the world
  • +40 student associations
  • 30 years of personalized accompaniment
  • 130 partner companies

Career network:

  • 15 000 graduates within the ICN Alumni association network
  • 27% of the ICN graduates work abroad
  • 3 main sectors of activity: industry, finance/audit/banks/insurance, consulting
  • 3 main profiles: marketing and trade, finance/audit/accounting, corporate organization and consulting
  • a strong company network including: Accenture, Amazon, Chanel, Dassault, Deloitte, Ikea, KPMG, Microsoft, PWC, Ubisoft (to name only a few)




ICN Business School

2 place de la Défense
92053 Paris la Défense

92053 Nancy, Grand Est, France
+33 3 54 50 25 00


Rollnerstrasse 8
90408 Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany


2 place de la Défense, 92053 Paris la Défense
92053 Puteaux, Île-de-France, France