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The School of Osteopathy was born in April 1990 on the initiative of its current President

Institution of private higher education registered with the rectorate of the Academy of Creteil - Chancellery of the Universities, approved by the Ministry of Health by order of August 9, 2007.

The vocation of ESO is to train exclusive, responsible and competent practitioners, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Society of Osteopathy and the World Health Organization in the field of prevention and conservation of health.

ESO Paris is the historical school for the training of osteopaths after a bachelor's degree in France. Indeed, from its creation, the establishment adopts a precursor approach to osteopathy training by being the first to :

  • In France, after the baccalaureate or equivalent, a full university degree course , ie 5 years of full-time training in osteopathy.
  • Solicit the Directorate of Health and Social Action for the legality of initial training in osteopathy after the Baccalaureate (1990).
  • Request the registration of his / her higher education activity with the Ministry of National Education (1992).
  • To format its teaching according to the standards defined by the European Union in Bologna (2001).
  • Obtain the registration of his diploma , the French Diploma of Osteopathy, in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (certified diploma level II, decree of April 10, 2009 - OJ of April 21, 2009). In 2014, ESO was confirmed to register its diploma in Level I ( Ministerial Order of 20 January 2014).

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The values of ESO: Passion and Precision

The mission of ESO Paris is to train highly competent and highly competent practitioners in the osteopathic field, recognized at European level by the professional bodies and, consequently, able to live fully in their profession.

Students from ESO Paris are osteopaths trained in scientific rigor, in a minimum of 5 years. For osteopathic graduates, ESO Paris offers an optional extra year which opens up new opportunities focused on research, teaching or various specialties (peri-natal osteopathy, aquatic osteopathy, sports osteopathy, geriatric osteopathy).

ESO Paris certification to ISO 9001 standards for the quality of its teaching, organization and management, in May 2003, testifies to the quality effort supported by the institution and its commitment to students (and their parents!) who gave him their trust. The satisfaction of the students passes by the conditions of study which are proposed to them and the success which could be theirs at the end of these studies. ESO Paris pursues this major goal of success via:

  • A program of choice and high level, through a long-term multi-purpose and generalist training with an optional additional year and optional specialization (baccalaureate 5 1)
  • An integrated clinic, the largest osteopathic clinic in France, which provides more than 25,000 internal consultations per year and offers students a progressive, regular and recurrent professional experience, to which must be added more than 10,000 osteopathic consultations external to the institution in public, private or associative hospitals
  • A faculty composed of academic specialists , professors , experienced practitioners , researchers and internationally renowned international speakers
  • A sustained relationship with university higher education, at the origin of extended training and specific internships
  • A teacher / student ratio close to 1 in 12
  • Common reflection and research work in small groups: TP, TD, case studies, projects, tutorials, ...
  • Absolute autonomy , which allows him to develop and adapt his own programs (often in connection with other French or foreign institutions), to equip himself with the human and material resources he needs to be efficient and reach the a technological university on a human scale.


Located in the heart of the Marne-la-Vallée university campus, the Ecole Supérieure d'Osteopathie enjoys a privileged location that allows its French and foreign students to pursue higher studies in a quiet and green setting although located nearby from Paris (Roissy Charles De Gaulle and Orly airports 30 min, Paris Gare de Lyon 20 min by RER A). ESO hosts 600 students per year, all levels of study combined. The proximity of other large schools on the campus promotes the exchange between people from different backgrounds.



8 rue Alfred Nobel – Cité Descartes – 77420 CHAMPS SUR MARNE
77420 Champs-sur-Marne, Île-de-France, France

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