With its pioneering approach to the study of management, NEWTON College is one step ahead of other universities and provides its students with an advantage over their entrepreneurial peers.

Over the past five years, NEWTON College has been four times the best-rated private university-level education institution in the Czech Republic. It is located in the beautiful historic capital city of Prague, it is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the degrees it awards are automatically recognized in all EU countries.

10+1 Reasons to study at NEWTON College

  1. NEWTON College is a very inspiring environment. The school inspires and motivates students to reach up for their goals, seek new perspectives and new ways of solving problems. It also teaches how to develop creativity and critical thinking.
  2. The school offers modern and attractive study programs of applied business. All programs have the same base – study of Economy, Management and Psychology. In our opinion, this is the best mix for every modern manager.
  3. The College graduates do not get just their diploma, they also receive valuable certificates. Students who complete their study also receive a certificate confirming completion of practical internships and management training. These certificates provide a great advantage in the labor market over our graduates´ peers from other colleges.
  4. Personal approach. NEWTON College is not a large scale school. Here, no one is just a number on a list. Each student is an individual and the staff at the college respects that and reflects it in its approach towards the students.
  5. Teachers are top-class lecturers with practical business experience. The faculty of NEWTON College includes, for example, Vice-Governor of Czech National Bank prof. Vladimír Tomšík, one of the best Czech coaches Ing. Milan Bobek, MSc. and many others. The school also frequently invites well-known members of Czech business and management environment.
  6. The opportunity to participate in NEWTON College activities. NEWTON College closely cooperates with its students who thus have the opportunity to be involved in directing the school and be part of the school´s changes.
  7. The study is closely linked with practice. NEWTON College is not about memorizing of facts and definitions without the need to understand the root of things. All presented knowledge and acquired skills are immediately applicable in everyday life.
  8. Contacts. During the studies, you can get a lot of valuable contacts, e.g. classmates, teachers and prominent people in Czech business environment.
  9. NEWTON College is the only school to offer a multi-level education. Students can choose from accredited study programs, management training courses and individual mentoring provided by members of the faculty.
  10. Merit scholarships. The quality of a school reflects best in the quality of its graduates. NEWTON College, therefore, strives to motivate its students with valuable merit scholarships.
Programs taught in:
  • English (US)

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Newton College

International Business and Management program offered by the best private private university for economics and management in the Czech Republic (voted 4x over the past 5 ... [+]

We are the only university-level school in the Czech Republic to offer a multiple level education. Apart from the accredited university programs (Bc./BBA, Mgr., MBA) we offer our students and the public the chance to participate in managerial courses, training and additional educational programs under the NEWTON Academy brand and individual lessons lead by well-known personalities within both the business environment and the college such as the Vice-Governor of the Czech National Bank, prof. Vladimír Tomšík and many others.

All our programs have the same core of subjects – Economics, Management, and Psychology. In our opinion, this is the best mix for every modern manager.

Knowledge and skills you will gain Macro- and micro-economic training Expertise in global business, and private and public management Knowledge of corporate financial management Principles of project planning and management The ability to analyze and take advantage of the international business environment Graduation ... [-]
Czech Republic Prague
September 2020
English (US)
3 years
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