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Study hotel management at the Vatel School in Suzhou, China

Unique in China, Vatel Suzhou offers a mix of theoretical courses and practices in hotel, restaurants, resorts and other partnering institutions

Vatel Suzhou offers two degrees (a Bachelor in three years and an MBA in two years) and tailor-made short-term programs for executives and managers. All courses are taught in English to give our students the international exposure they need to perform in the always more demanding hospitality industry. Vatel Suzhou will bring one of the most advanced arts of hospitality, the French “art de Vivre”, to China. Vatel Suzhou is partnering with three 5 star-hotels less than 30 minutes away from the campus to organize the professional practices during which the students will alternatively work in the kitchen, F&B facilities, reception, rooms, etc.

The teaching staff plays a very important role in your future success. At Vatel, teachers pass on their know· how and their passion to you. Thanks to interactive training methods which are close to the reality of the hospitality field. They give you the tools for developing your technical, conceptual and analytical skills as future managers. The long-lasting commitment of the teaching staff of Vatel whether they are university teachers or guest lecturers selected for their excellence in their specific field, contribute to your success.

Choose Vatel Suzhou

Because of its professional and personalized training

In a global and highly competitive economy, just having a degree is no longer enough. Recent Vatel graduates are preferred over others for their human and professional qualities.

Because of its values of responsibility and solidarity

The Vatel Spirit takes its roots in values shared by the teaching team and students: at Vatel, everyone has rights but also responsibilities, but all are empowered to participate in the professional success of the future Vatel graduate.

Because of the Marco Polo exchange program

Candidates, while continuing their studies in Vatel are immersed in a different culture, a different language, become more open-minded towards others, are better prepared to have an international career.

Because of its innovations

In the annual International Convention, all Vatel School Directors are able to meet to discuss teaching innovations in their schools. The best of these innovations is then integrated into Vatel teaching programs.

Because of its 35,000 alumni, a network you can count on

Each and every one of the 7,000 students, wherever his or her host school may be located, can count on everyone in the Vatel Group and on its 35,000 alumni who work in the most beautiful hotels on earth. This network is stronger than any other to help you find a job that matches your dreams and ambitions.

Because of support with JHM hotels

There are numerous hotels under JHM Group, which provide the internship and formal jobs for our students and graduates. JHM helps the students to grow into a successful career in the hospitality industry.


Join.ln Hospitality Management Co., Ltd. (JHM) is offering a high level of corporate culture and a rigorous enterprise management system with a global management perspective of international standards. An international team consisting of top senior hospitality management talent is in a place to ensure that every guest visiting our properties can enjoy the highest quality experience.

JHM's brand portfolio consists of upper-upscale Tonino Lamborghini Hotels & Resorts under an exclusive license, upscale Toro Hotels & Resorts, and mid-scale E.Vita Hotels. The territorial focus of development is on mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Canada as well as other countries and regions. Within the next 10 years, JHM is expected to open and manage at least 25 properties under the portfolio brands.

To support the rapid expansion and ensure sufficient availability of talent for its growing number of properties, Vatel Hotel&Tourism Business School from France and establishing Vatel Suzhou Campus that will welcome recruits from all over the world with Bachelor and MBA programs. The Suzhou campus will be joined with two more within the next 5 years.

A Hospitality School Offering State-of-the-Art Facilities

a 3,500 square meters eco-friendly brand new campus | 14 modern equipped classrooms with a video projector and wifi | Vatel cafe to practice your cocktails and barista skills | a mock hotel room to practice your cleaning and setting skills.

Practices and Internships are available in the Best Hotels in Suzhou and China

In total, 2376 rooms in 7 hotels are available for our students for professional practices and internships:

  • Suzhou Crowne Plaza: 354 rooms
  • Suzhou Tonino Lamborghini: 91 rooms
  • Suzhou Kempinski: 458 rooms
  • Suzhou Hyatt: 355 rooms
  • Suzhou Nikko: 469 rooms
  • Kunshan Tonino Lamborghini: 289 rooms
  • Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini: 360 rooms

Vatel Cafe and Vatel Restaurant Available For Our Students to Practice Their Skills

  • Located on campus, Vatel Cafe offers the best opportunity for our students to practice cafe management.
  • Located in Suzhou Tonino Lamborghini hotel, the Vatel restaurant offers authentic French cuisine to local customers; meanwhile, it provides a high-end training facility for our students.


Enjoy Suzhou Lifestyle, Tradition Met With Modern

With famous canals and lakes across the whole city, Suzhou has been called ''The Venice of the East". It is one of the oldest cities in China, with a history of more than 2,500 years, situated in the Yangtze River delta.

Marco Polo visited Suzhou and was amazed by her various culture and prosperous industry.

As a tourist city, Suzhou is famous for its history, touristic attractions and as well as its economic development.

Paradise in heaven, Suzhou on earth

Ranked as the best living city in Chino, Suzhou is named "the land of fish and rice" of natural resources and delicate craftworks. Famous specialties include Suzhou silk, Suzhou embroidery, fons, traditional Chinese musical instruments, lanterns, furniture, jade carving, silk tapestry, Biluochun Tea, lake crabs, etc.

Center of transportation

Suzhou Industrial Park is the most dynamic and vital industrial park in China, where there ore more than 3,000 enterprises, tens of high-end hotels and resorts, and the largest shopping center in Asia Suzhou Center. Located on the most important transportation hub, Suzhou is 30 minutes to Shanghai by high-speed train.

Historical and cultural gem

This city has more than 60 preserved classical gardens which are listed as World Cultural Heritage, such as Humble Administrator Garden, Lingering Garden. Besides, there are famous Kunqu Opera and Pingtan (ballad-singing in Suzhou dialed). The streets and lanes in the old city area are of the Song-dynasty style. Take time and meet the most traditional culture here in Suzhou.

Vater, A Global Network of Hospitality Management Schools and Alumni

Vatel has 50 hospitality management schools located in Europe, in the Americas, in Asia, and in Africa. They share the same mission: preparing the younger generations to build their professional futures in the international hospitality and tourism management industries.

Vatel has decided to:

  • Teach management techniques based on two centuries of history in the hospitality industry, based on high-quality services and customer satisfaction. This includes all cultural aspects of clients, from the country where the hotel is located to the personnel working in it.
  • Convey the French art of hospitality, recognized all throughout the world as a sign of quality, good taste, and excellence.
  • Teach French in all non-French speaking countries where our Group operates.

We now have 35,000 alumni who are working throughout the world and who are proud to call themselves Vateliens and to work in the most beautiful hotels on earth.

Vatel goes international

At the beginning of the 21st century, 20 years after the first Vatel school opened in France, all international development factors were ready to go: our educational concept, based on the progressive and controlled mixture of theory and professional experience, has been proved; it is sustainable and ready to be rolled out abroad. Since that time, new campuses have opened in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

Located on four continents, the network of Vatel schools makes up the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management, elected by professionals as the Best Hospitality Management School.

The Vatel Spirit, life-long values

Vatel’s success is based on five pillars. All over the world, our faculty members have learned to:

  • have deep ties with their students.
  • create dynamic learning conditions.
  • convey their know-how and knowledge.
  • introduce the concept of proper conduct in all situations.
  • have close relationships with professionals working in hotel and tourism management positions.

Vatel Group’s teaching teams are made up equally of professors from universities and professionals who have made a name for themselves in their fields.



No 1. Renai Road Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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