Universidade Federal de São Carlos


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The Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar) was founded in 1968 and was the first federal institution of Higher Education installed in the interior of the State of São Paulo. The University stands out for the high level of qualification of its faculty: 99.8% are doctors or masters and 95.8% of the professors carry out teaching, research and extension activities under exclusive dedication.

The University has four campuses: São Carlos, Araras, Sorocaba and Lagoa do Sino.

The São Carlos Campus of UFSCar has 6,450,000 m² of total area and 188,100 m² of built area. It has 300 laboratories, library, ambulatory, two theaters, nine amphitheaters, 12 auditoriums, gym, sports park, seven courts, two pools, university restaurant, four cafeterias, 124 classrooms, 575 internal student housing spaces, in addition to the University Hospital , the Health-School Unit and the Innovation Agency.

The Araras Campus, founded in 1991, has an area of 2,300,000 m², with 45,900 m². It has 28 laboratories divided between teaching and research, 22 classrooms, library, ambulatory, amphitheater, sports court, water sports center, university restaurant and snack bar.

The Sorocaba Campus, created in 2005, has an area of more than 700 thousand m² and 46,300 m² of built area. It has 44 laboratories, a library, an outpatient clinic, two auditoriums, a sports court, a university restaurant, a cafeteria, 29 classrooms, a soccer field with an athletics track and 86 external student housing spaces.


São Carlos

Rod. Washington Luís
km 235 - SP-310

13565-905 São Carlos, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Rod. Anhanguera
km 174 - SP-330

13600-970 Araras, São Paulo, Brazil


Rod. João Leme dos Santos
km 110 - SP-264

18052-780 Sorocaba, State of São Paulo, Brazil


Rod. Lauri Simões de Barros
km 12 - SP-189

18290-000 Buri, State of São Paulo, Brazil

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