Goias Pontifícia Universidade Catolica de Goias


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With an academic structure divided into 10 schools, PUC Goiás offers 44 on-campus undergraduate courses, 25 distance degrees, 15 postgraduate programs - including 11 masters and four doctorates - and 21 specializations in all areas of knowledge.

We have a wide support structure for students, from innovative spaces for learning and studies, psychological support, adaptation to academic life and reinforcement in various areas. The student has the opportunity to work with research since the first semester, through Scientific Initiation. We have developed numerous extension activities, which allow the integration of academic knowledge with the needs of society, experiencing in practice what they learn in the courses.



Av, University 1440, University Sector

ZIP Code: 74605-010

Goiânia, State of Goiás, Brazil

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