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The non-profit organization, whose registered office is at Forest (1190), avenue Besme n ° 97, aims to organize teaching. It may perform acts directly or indirectly related to its purpose or likely to facilitate its realization. It may, in particular, organize continuing education, applied research and services to the community. It can collaborate, as part of its social purpose, with any person or institution art. 3 of its statutes).

The association pursues a policy of constant pedagogical development: organization of new courses and (co) training (inter) national via CREA , initiation of new masters, co-graduations, technical approximation with various courses organized in social promotion (EPFC), and the resumption, on July 1, 2011, of the social promotion education of the Raymond Tibaut Optics Institute (IORT) with the creation of psychomotricity teaching in 2012-2013.


Applied research is one of the missions assigned to HE and our Board of Directors is determined to develop this sector. HE research is, in fact, the main source of improvement and enrichment of current professional practices.

To this end, the management of the UDR (Research Unit), which is hierarchically subordinate to the Presidency Department, is in constant contact with all the directorates and sits on the Management Committee.

The UDR acts mainly as a facilitator to develop applied research projects both within the categories and transversally in multidisciplinary projects internally. It is also surrounded by external collaborators.

The projects are thus proposed by the UDR to categories and sections, often following external calls for tenders, but also come from the categories themselves and are structured within the UDR. It is therefore a support structure serving the community.



Avenue Besme, 97 à 1190
Brussels, Belgium

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