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University of Groningen BSc in Industrial Engineering & Management
University of Groningen

BSc in Industrial Engineering & Management

Groningen, Netherlands

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 2,314 / per year *


* EU/EEA students: €2,314 | non-EU/EEA students: €16,500


Industrial Engineering is a real engineers' degree, in which you learn to translate new industrial techniques into practical solutions, such as a more sustainable production process or new products.

In the Bachelor’s degree program in Industrial Engineering and Management (Technische Bedrijfskunde in Dutch), you learn how to analyze problems and develop, design, and apply solutions. You are first and foremost trained to become an industrial engineer, and you learn to look at the applicability of your solutions in the business world.

After all, a technical solution is only useable if you have thoroughly tested its feasibility. Imagine, for example, that you have developed a new method to keep pepper-flavored crisps fresh for longer. Does the production process still cost-efficient? Does the method fit into the production line? What do the company’s employees think of it? And do customers still find the crisps tasty?

The degree program is offered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering so you can be sure of lots of course units in maths, physics, and chemistry. In addition, you will follow course units in business studies, management, and logistics. Your technical know-how and your management insights will prepare you for jobs where technology and management meet. Embedding in business and society is a key element of this degree program.

International Bachelor’s program

The business world and the profession are becoming increasingly internationally oriented. Multinationals are introducing new products to the global market or want to open a factory abroad. These are all good reasons for offering this degree program in an international English-taught variant. Your fellow students and lecturers come from the Netherlands and abroad.

Why study this program in Groningen?

  • In Groningen, you have the opportunity to study the perfect combination of technology and business. In this way, you can combine technical solutions with entrepreneurship! As a result, a Bachelor's degree from Groningen will grant you many possibilities for your future.
  • Of all of the degree programs in Industrial Engineering and Management across the Netherlands, the one taught in Groningen is the most technical: 2/3 of your time will be spent on course units focusing on technology and the technical sciences, and 1/3 on course units in business subjects.
  • Our Faculty has produced two Nobel Prize winners: Ben Feringa won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Frits Zernike was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.



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