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Università LUM Giuseppe Degennaro

Università LUM Giuseppe Degennaro

Università LUM Giuseppe Degennaro


Lum University, founded by Giuseppe Degennaro in 1995, LUM University is a non-State university located in Casamassima, one of the few "blue cities" in the world, in the surrounding of Bari. LUM University campus spans 11 floors across 24,000 sqm and hosts 4 departments: Economics, Legal studies, Medicine and Englneering. We are proud of our teaching model that emphasizes practical knowledge and industry interaction, fostering innovation and societal growth. The result of this approach is that the 96% of our graduates find a job within the first year from their graduation.

As a student, you'll benefit from the low student-to-faculty ratio that means close relationships with your professors and tutoring activities throughout the year.


Candidates choosing for a degree program of LUM University are required to fill in the pre-enrollment form on the website UNIVERSITALY.

Please register on the portal Universitaly and upload the required documents.

Our Staff will carry out a preliminary assessment of the individual applications and validate the pre-enrolment application by entering the relevant data on the UNIVERSITALY portal.

The preliminary acceptance by the university does not confer any right to obtain a visa.

Candidates are invited to apply as soon as possible on the aforementioned portal to allow the competent Italian diplomatic offices abroad to issue the study visa in time to complete the enrollment.

Please note candidates must apply for a study visa at the competent Italian diplomatic headquarters abroad only after having received the confirmation of validation of the pre-enrollment application from LUM University via the UNIVERSITALY portal.

Visa Requirements

All non-EU exchange students are required to apply for a Student Visa before coming to Italy.

To learn more about visa application deadlines and requirements, please check where you can find all the information about whether you need to apply for a visa and where to apply for it.

To apply for a Visa, you need to pre-register and submit the application on the Universitaly portal (mandatory) at by November 29, 2024. Once you pre-enrollment has been accepted by LUM University, we will issue the official Acceptance Letter and upload it on the Universitaly portal.

Why study at Università LUM Giuseppe Degennaro


At the top of any reason is of course the University, which has one of the best reputations in Italy.

LUM University is actually one of the best non-State Universities in Italy, founded back in 1995, with its modern and beautiful campus, which creates a very pleasant environment where we teach our most innovative courses in Law, Economics, Medicine and Engineering. LUM University is the only University in Italy which has an 18-hole golf course.


LUM is located in the small town of Casamassima. which is one of the 6 blue cities in the world. The facades and doors of its homes, in fact, for centuries, have been entirely painted in shades of light blue, light blue and blue which give it a unique charm, recognized throughout the world. The origin of the village dates back to Roman times, when the place was inhabited by populations of Messapian origin. Over the centuries, Casamassima has undergone the domination of various powers, including the Byzantines, Normans and Aragonese, who have left an indelible mark on its architecture and culture. Casamassima has managed to preserve its identity and charm intact, which fascinate artists, painters and tourists. The narrow, winding streets of the historic center lead to welcoming squares and ancient stone buildings, which tell the story of the village and its traditions.


Just outside Casamassima are a couple of best-known coastal towns: Polignano a Mare, the hometown of Domenico Modugno, author of the famous Italian song “Volare”, and Monopoli, with sandy beaches and cliffs rising from the crystal turquoise water.

Polignano’s grottos and coves which every year draw Italian and foreign tourists alike. Among the many famous beaches in Polignano a Mare is Cala Porto, in the centre of the town, with its characteristic round white stones.

Bari itself has beautiful beaches, offering the perfect balance between comfort and nature. The most famous beach in the city is Pane e Pomodoro, an absolute must for sea-loving Bari natives right on their doorstep. Continuing south, you come across Torre a Mare and Mola di Bari with their mostly rocky coastlines.

Another place not to be missed is Monopoli which, with its low rocks and crystal-clear sea, boasts some really beautiful beaches. Long stretches of white sands make it ideal for families with children and most of the beaches have lidos offering a range of facilities and places to eat.

The most famous beaches in the province of Bari also include Giovinazzo, with very shallow water dotted with the occasional rock and fine, light-coloured sand. Giovinazzo is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, attracted by the town’s charming historic centre.


The Puglia region of Italy is a fertile region fast becoming a favorite destination among foodies and lovers of traditional Italian food.

Apulia is without a doubt one of the best food destinations in Italy.

The food and wine culture of Puglia is therefore a mixture of flavors and aromas linked to local traditions and raw materials. A healthy and tasty cuisine, with dishes ranging from comforting land recipes to complex sea preparations where wine and olive oil occupy a place of honor wine and olive oil occupy a place of honor.


Puglia’s culture is grounded in history and art.
Romanesque and Baroque churches, Cathedrals, and Basilicas, historical and contemporary art museums are scattered around the region, but also public and private music and art events are a common occurrence.
Find out the local Art & Culture looking at our selection of museums, art galleries, musicians, and many other companies, fill your eye and heart with the authentic Puglia culture.


  • Centri Commerc. Baricentro-Auchan

    S.S. 100 km 18, Casamassima (BA), Italia, 70010, Centri Commerc. Baricentro-Auchan

  • Centri Commerc. Baricentro-Auchan

    S.S. 100 km 18, Casamassima (BA), Italia, 70010, Centri Commerc. Baricentro-Auchan