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University Carlos III of Madrid Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering (Bilingual, Spanish)
University Carlos III of Madrid

Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering (Bilingual, Spanish)

Leganés, Spain

4 Years

English, Spanish

Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 7,000 / per year *


* for non-European students | for EU students: € 1,500/year


The main goal of the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering is to form professionals at the forefront of technological knowledge and professional competencies in telecommunication engineering, not being limited to concrete technologies or specializations.

In this Bachelor's, the student will receive a solid formation about electronic systems, signal processing, signal propagation in different physical media, communication networks, and telematics applications and services.

This Bachelor has a clear international aim, and it has been recognized with the best quality seals, like the EUR-ACE’s. The labor insertion rates after it are over 100%. It has a bilingual option, and it has many possibilities like specific laboratories and practical formation. It also offers the opportunity to carry out professional internships in the top companies in the industry.

Studies with a bilingual option

In this degree, the university offers the opportunity to study in English more than half of the subjects of the studies program. Once you have been admitted, you will choose, at the time of enrollment, the language in which you will study by the following conditions:

  • In groups in English, all work (classes, drills, exercises, tests, etc.) will be conducted in English.
  • During the first year, it must establish an English B2 level, perform a test, and provide one of the supported official certificates or any way determined by the university. In the first weeks of the course will inform students how they can prove their level.
  • The courses offered in English are in the studies program.
  • In case there are more applications than places available in English, interested persons will be ranked according to their admission grade.
  • If you are enrolled in English and exceed at least 50% of the credits offered at the UC3M, in the DS appears a mention of bilingual studies.




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