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Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology - Thammasat University B.Eng. Industrial Engineering and Logistics Systems (IE)
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology - Thammasat University

B.Eng. Industrial Engineering and Logistics Systems (IE)

4 Years


Full time

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THB 99,200 / per semester *


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Curriculum Outline

Modern industrial engineering is a combination of basic engineering knowledge and quantitative analysis techniques to support managerial decision making. It is concerned with the efficiency in which work is performed by machines and people. Industrial engineers (IEs) use the information and techniques from physical, biological, mathematical, behavioral, and engineering sciences to plan, control, design, and manage complex manufacturing and business systems. Specifically, they utilize knowledge and principles in manufacturing systems and processes, operations research, ergonomics, and management in specifying, predicting, and evaluating the performance measures of such systems.

The study of industrial engineering and logistics systems places emphasis upon developing a student’s abilities to analyze and design systems that integrate technical, economic, and social-behavioral factors in manufacturing, service, social, and government organizations. This study leads to a variety of professional opportunities in the manufacturing and logistics industry, health care services, research and development, financial centers, public service enterprises, and business corporations.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Industrial Engineering and logistics Systems Program offers a curriculum that is specifically designed, not only to distinguish itself from the curricula offered at other Thai universities but is also at a standard comparable to those offered at renowned international universities.TheIEcurriculum offers courses that cover four major industrial engineering areas, namely, operations research/quantitative analysis, management, logistics, and manufacturing systems. The offering of courses is carefully arranged so that the basic and fundamental courses are taught in the early years to build adequate technical background. Then, applications are discussed in-depth in courses presented in the later years. IE students can choose their preferred area of concentration, either “industrial engineering” or “manufacturing engineering,” in their third year. The industrial engineering option is suitable for students who like to pursue careers as engineering consultant or systems analyst for a business corporation or to continue graduate study either locally or abroad after graduation. For students who like working with industrial equipment and machines and prefer the factory environment to the business office, the manufacturing engineering option provides them with practical knowledge and experience to help them quickly adapt to the work environment.

In addition, IE students can choose among three optional tracks (Senior Project Track, Foreign Exchange Track, and Extended Training Track).

  • Senior Project Track is for students who would like to conduct their projects under the supervision of IE faculty members.
  • Foreign Exchange Track is designed for students who wish to participate in a student exchange program with foreign partner universities.
  • Extended Training Track is designed for students who would like to participate in a longer training period (for the entire semester)under a co-operative training program with companies.

Structure and Components

  1. General Basic Courses - 30 Credits
  2. Major Courses - 114 Credits
  3. Free Elective Courses - 6 Credits

Total: 150 Credits

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

If your dream is to study in an international program in Engineering, Technology, or Management, SIIT is the best choice for your study and your future. Whether you plan to continue your graduate study in Thailand or abroad or to work in international organizations, you will be able to achieve your goals with the fully qualified full-time professors at SIIT. For more than 20 years, SIIT has not only produced highly qualified graduates, it also has continuously published the highest number of research papers per faculty member in the country.

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, was established in 1992 in cooperation with Thammasat University, the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN), and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). SIIT’s objectives are to produce highly qualified engineers and technologists, who are competent in advanced technology, proficient in English communication, and able to manage and carry out research in engineering and technology.

Our graduates have worked in multinational and global companies both in the private and public sectors. Those who have chosen to pursue further studies have been admitted into leading universities all over the world.


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The Agreement of Admission to Major Academic Program

There are 3 fields of studies:

  • Engineering: Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering and Logistics Systems.
  • Computer Engineering and Digital Engineering.
  • Management: Management Technology and Engineering Management.

All students will apply for the selection of their Major Academic Programs at the end of the first year. Successful admission to a desired major depends on a student’s grade-point average at the end of the first Academic Year, as well as the demand for the chosen program. Priority for selection will be given to students whose selection is within the field of their choice indicated at the time of admission to SIIT.

Estimated Expenses for the Bachelor’s Degree at SIIT

First semester (August-December) and Second semester (January-May)



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