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Sciences Po Grenoble - UGA

Sciences Po Grenoble - UGA

Sciences Po Grenoble - UGA


Sciences Po Grenoble - UGA is a select independent School, part of the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA), one of the Top 100-150 Universities in the Shanghai ranking (Top 5 in France), and one of the nicest campuses in Europe (Times Higher Education). Open to the world, Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA welcomes a large number of international students and trains tomorrow’s decision-makers through a subtle blend of political science, international relations, law, economics, management, history, and sociology.

Who Are We

An Institute of Political Studies

Founded in 1948, Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA is one of the nine Institutes of Political Studies in France placed under the aegis of the National Foundation of Political Science. Its rigorous admissions process, through a highly selective admissions process, makes it one of the elites “Grandes Ecoles”.

Why Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA?

Members of the institute – be they professors, administrative staff, students university colleagues, and even journalists, have always referred to it as Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA, so we have chosen to officialize the name.

An Ambitious Intellectual Program

A taste for action, scientific rigor, intellectual agility, moral uprightness… These are the qualities that Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA instills through all its programs to produce brilliant, competent, and responsible decision-makers. Within this framework, it is up to each student to find the path to his or her own intellectual and personal vocation in life.

Multidisciplinary education

Science Po’s graduate programs focus on professionally oriented specialization, whereas undergraduate programs offer a mixture of humanities and social sciences in tandem with the main issues addressed in political science.

Students are also encouraged to do internships – in France or abroad – and to complement the academic culture that they experience at Sciences Po by encountering diverse forms of social and professional cultures elsewhere.

Individualized advising

Students receive individualized advice at every stage of their education and elective courses help them forge their objectives. They will often exchange with professors and benefit from pedagogy that favors small workgroups.

Quality facilities

A library with some 120,000 volumes and 2,400 periodicals, which is connected to the major research networks. A press room, over one hundred open-access computers, Wifi… Students therefore benefit from a working environment that enables them to respond effectively to the demands of their academic programs.


The key Numbers

  • More than 2,000 students registered each year
  • 350 Students on international mobility (academic or internship) funded per year
  • 250 International students welcomed at Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA (equivalent to one promotion)
  • 196 Doctoral students
  • 20 Master’s specialties (called “diploma courses”)
  • 70 Teacher-researchers or researchers
  • 90 Administrative staff
  • + 500 External speakers
  • + 14,500 Graduates at Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA since its creation in 1948

    Campus Features

    Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA welcomes you to the Green Campus of Grenoble Alpes University!

    Our city is nestled at the foot of the mountains but very open to the outside world because it is located in the heart of Europe, very close to Switzerland, Italy, and the Mediterranean Sea.

    Grenoble is a very dynamic student city and we have everything you need to make your stay unforgettable: quality teaching, history, sports, and culture.


      Application Requirements

      • A high school qualification from a non-French institution and/or grade transcripts from the final two years of high school or secondary education
      • Non-French citizenship
      • Upper-intermediate English (B2+)
        • TOEFL 95 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC “listening and reading” (945) & “speaking and writing” (360) / Cambridge Certificate B2 minimum
      • Familiarity with French would be appreciated but is not mandatory
      • Application Fees: 110 Euros

      Admission Process

      Step One: Application

      Applicants must submit,

      • Their personal and academic record includes a CV in English, grade transcripts translated into French or English, and extracurricular activities.
      • A 1000-word essay written in English on a topic related to history or current affairs chosen by the applicant. This essay must demonstrate the applicant’s ability to develop clear arguments and analysis in response to a question addressing the humanities and social sciences (history, economics, law, political science, sociology).

      Step Two: Interview

      • The admissions committee will select finalists for interviews which will be conducted online in English. The committee may ask the applicants about their background, personal goals, the aforementioned essay, and any current international topic.

      Scholarships and Funding

      Scholarships exist to help our Master’s degree-seeking excellent students:

      • Eiffel Scholarships (CampusFrance)
      • IDEX Scholarships
      • Graduate School@Université Grenoble Alpes Scholarships


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