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Prague School of Creative Communication

Prague School of Creative Communication

Prague School of Creative Communication


Prague School of Creative Communication is a private college that will prepare you perfectly for a career in all areas of the creative industries. Our study programs/specializations Creative Marketing and Communication (Digital Marketing and Communication, Creative Marketing, Management in Creative Industry), Creative Writing (Literary Arts, Commercial Writing in Media), and Visual Arts (Photography and Audiovisual Arts, Animation and Visual Effects, Graphic and Media design) are linked to the practical operation of advertising agencies, graphic studios, publishing companies, and media institutions. During your studies, you will be working on real orders.

And what distinguishes Prague School of Creative Communication from other Czech colleges and universities? We are a world-class institution! We are inspired by the model of Scandinavian and British schools, so you will acquire not only knowledge and craftsmanship throughout your studies, but also experience and contacts, which are a guarantee of success in finding a job in your chosen discipline. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, you will become sought-after lyricists, journalists, PR workers, moderators, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, animators, artists of special or visual effects. A graduate of the Prague School of Creative Communication is a professional that exquisitely masters his or her craft, modern technology, and self-promotion.

The Prague School of Creative Communication builds on tradition. In the field of visual and advertising arts, we build on the heritage of the school, Michael, founded in 1994 by writer and advertising creator Zdeněk Štěpánek. In the discipline of Creative Writing, we benefit from the experience of teachers of the former Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy – we are currently the only college in the Czech Republic that provides continuous education in the field of creative writing.

We are ready to prepare you for success!

  • The program is taught in English and is an international course that welcomes those students who are interested in pursuing a career in the creative industry.
  • Inspired by British and Scandinavian international academic traditions, PSCC is a sister school to its Czech counterpart, the University of Creative Communication (VŠKK). They are both located in the same building, giving the international students the opportunity to meet local students.
  • Highly qualified lecturers with significant experience in their field provide a professional environment where students are able to gain knowledge and evolve their skills.
  • PSCC is proud to students the opportunity to demonstrate their potential in live business projects. Their knowledge and skills can be applied in practical work via the Creative agency which is a part of the school.

During your time at the Prague School of Creative Communication you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in various creative disciplines, but at the same time have the opportunity to apply these skills during your studies with specific assignments and projects. In order to prepare you for this, your tutors will teach you about current trends in marketing communications and give you a chance to work on advertising campaigns. This practice is used at PSCC to encourage you to develop greater creative thinking skills and use them to your advantage in communication, both in online and offline media and platforms. The course will also cover social science disciplines and help you master communication tools, which will further equip you for your future career. Our course is formed in such a way as to make sure that as a graduate you will be perfectly prepared for a future creative or managerial position. PSCC also makes sure that the English level of all our students is on an adequate business level, ensuring the placement opportunity in multinational companies.

The main emphasis of our course is placed on creative disciplines (participation in client projects in the field of making creative concepts) and creative thinking. We are equally aware that a highly creative person must have a basic understanding of planning and the financial value of his or her work. The Prague School of Creative Communication is determined to give all its students confidence in their field and a solid head start to their career in the creative industry.

Skills we pursue:

  • Active collaboration
  • Mastering of marketing tools
  • Knowledge of mechanisms behind creative thinking
  • Practical experience

Career employability:

  • Creative director
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic designer

Campus Features

At the Prague School of Advertising, there are rooms of all kinds. Through studios, computer classrooms, library to places designed for students. In addition, our school also offers space for lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars. The above-mentioned rooms are equipped with modern technology. The studios include equipment adapted amongst others for photography. The library abounds with all kinds of literary styles and genres. Classrooms ensure enough space for everyone. The student areas are equipped with couches, table football and everything students would look for to unwind between lectures. Part of the school is also café Domeček, where students can strengthen themselves with a hearty lunch or a light snack. Good coffee is guaranteed.


    Admission requirements:

    1. Secondary school graduation certificate.
    2. Czech universities generally require students to have their previous studies recognized by the Czech authority. The process of recognition of previous studies is called “nostrifikace”.
    3. Entrance interview (Zoom meeting or in-person if possible).
    4. A tuition fee is also a requirement of admission to PSA. The basic tuition fee is 2790€.


    • Prague

      Na Pankráci 420/54, 140 00, Prague