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National University of the Northeast (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste) industrial engineering
National University of the Northeast (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste)

industrial engineering

868, Argentina

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Feb 2024

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Identify, pose and solve scientific and technical problems related to agroindustrial engineering, through the use of concepts, techniques and methods typical of science and engineering, with a focus on sustainable development, from environmental, social, economic and ethical perspectives .

Plan, develop, implement, direct, analyze and optimize the technological field in all its perspectives, in order to take advantage of natural resources and primary production of the agricultural, livestock and forestry sector; generating food and non-food products.

Develop agro-industrial projects that generate companies and jobs.

Promote the incorporation of added value to primary production at source.

Design the infrastructure on which agroindustrial activities are sustained, exercising its responsibility in technical and economic aspects, such as its insertion in the social, cultural and environmental environment where it operates.

Manage the national marketing and export of finished products.

Develop projects to generate energy from biomass.

Participate in the production of new knowledge and innovations at the different levels of the scientific, technological and productive system.

Interact with professionals from various specialties and participate in interdisciplinary groups.

Exercise an active, creative, critical and ethical attitude in the performance of their profession.

Assume responsibility and honesty individual and team work.

Continue with their training and updating on an ongoing basis.

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