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Our mission at MorningStar University (MSU) is to prepare people to walk in their high call. At MorningStar University, we aim to develop students spiritually, mentally, and physically, empowering them to pursue their leadership, calling with vision, courage, and integrity.

The College of Leadership is a training program designed with the following goals in mind: To raise determined and resilient Christian leaders who stand firm in their faith, walk humbly before God, and have the endurance to create lasting change in the world; To equip each student with the skills and tools needed to be a successful leader in whatever sphere of influence they are called to; To help each student understand their unique identity in Christ and discover their purpose and destiny in God’s divine plan; To spiritually strengthen and mature each student to walk in health and wholeness in every area of their life.

Although the MSU College of Leadership is not a Bible school, the Bible is our primary textbook. We believe it is the Word of God and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in all righteousness.

The College of Leadership is also not a Seminary, even though we train up leaders as ministers of God’s love and power. The difference is that not all the ministering leaders trained here to go into the church. Some of our students become business leaders while others move into government roles and still others into the arts. We raise ministering leaders for all spheres of influence.


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