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Università degli Studi LINK is a modern university with an ancient heart, embodying an open and inclusive community. It offers a multidisciplinary education that enriches the student’s culture and skills while providing real-world tools to discover their talents and tackle the challenges of the professional world. Through an innovative array of degrees, in part facilitated by the university’s consistent collaboration with businesses and institutions, Università degli Studi LINK empowers students to be the protagonists of their personal, cultural, and professional paths. Professors, not only impart the most up-to-date knowledge but also actively engage with students in laboratories and seminars to experiment and solidify soft skills. The coexistence of dialogue and interaction, theory and practice, occurs seamlessly without barriers, fostering a creative blend.

The university serves as a hub, bringing together the realms of knowledge, production, and research and development to promote creative and scientific talents, generating opportunities and new perspectives. Situated in the heart of Rome, the main campus at the Casale di San Pio V, a magnificent historical complex built in the mid-16th century on the orders of Pope Ghislieri, provides an inspiring setting for academic pursuits. With two additional campuses in Naples and Città di Castello (PG), Università degli Studi LINK has expanded its reach over the years. Università degli Studi LINK has established a network of businesses, organizations, and associations to enhance the employability of its students. Activities and courses are tailored to meet the needs expressed by companies, the third sector, and public administration bodies. In response to a student aspiring to develop their ideas into productive businesses, the university has created a Start-up and spin-off unit, offering valuable advice and coaching.

Studying at a university with a strong innovative spirit, experimenting with one’s talents, and residing in an environment of rare beauty all contribute to the development of skills and abilities essential for personal and professional growth, fostering competitiveness in an ever-changing world.

All teaching activities required by each program (lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) take place face-to-face, but students with certain requirements can also participate via live streaming from wherever they are and interact live with the classroom.

Teaching materials remain available for students to complete their education.


  • Rome

    Via del Casale di San Pio V,44, 00165, Rome