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Lebanese International University Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
Lebanese International University

Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

Beirut, Lebanon

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Oct 2023

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Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

The program includes the following courses:

Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering is a first-year course designed to help first-semester students explore the world of engineering by introducing them to what engineers do, the fundamental principles that form the basis of their work, and how they apply that knowledge within a structured design process. The course is designed to be an ideal introduction for anyone interested in exploring the various fields of engineering and learning how engineers work to solve problems. Students will be helped to decide which major within the school suits them better. The course aims to prepare students for success at LIU and beyond by teaching them important skills including Technical problem solving and engineering design, teamwork, and communicating to a diverse audience

Industrial Systems Simulation

This is an introductory course in modeling techniques and simulation. It introduces solutions to industrial and service systems problems and challenges using process simulation to enhance organizational performance in an increasingly complex, turbulent, and uncertain industrial environment. This course uses discrete-event simulation, random number generation and testing, and the design of simulation experiments as tools to model the behavior of industrial systems for process analysis and process improvement. It is coupled with a hands-on lab that will introduce modeling concepts of a modern simulation language.

Industrial Engineering Information Systems

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge and skills in industrial software systems management, i.e., the planning, procurement, development, and integration of software systems in an industrial engineering context. The course also considers the underlying industrial processes. It prepares the student both for technology-intensive professions, e.g. system development, and project management within organizations supplying or acquiring industrial information and control systems.

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