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Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University

Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University

Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University


Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University is a developing higher education institution, which trains professionals in the field of Education on a four-stage model of professional training (vocational school- undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate (Ph.D.) based on credit training technology.


Contribute to improving the quality of Kazakhstan's human capital through training leaders in teaching and learning.



  • Caring and Empathy
  • Respectableness
  • Professionalism
  • Social responsibility
  • Openness

Strategic goal

  • The academic leader in pedagogy
  • Enter the top 100 QS WUR Subject (Education & Training)

The main task of the University is to train qualified and competitive specialists and ensure the development of the University's educational space based on the integration of modern science and innovative teaching practice.

Graduate of our university:

  • Has deep professional knowledge and understanding of the field under study;
  • Has emotional and social intelligence;
  • Adaptable to global challenges;
  • Has leadership qualities;
  • Has entrepreneurial skills, able to identify and solve problems;
  • Demonstrates innovative thinking.


Ratings and accreditation

  • In 2019, the University entered 301- 350 for the first time International rating of Eastern Europe and Central Asia QS EECA.
  • In the International ranking of higher education institutions (ARES) ranks 29th among 130 universities in Kazakhstan.
  • In the Ranking Web of Universities, the University ranks 25th among Kazakhstan's universities and 9824th in the world.
  • In the national rating of demand for universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan - NAAR, the University is in the top 10 universities and takes the 7th place.
  • In the rating of educational programs of the NAAR-2019, 17 educational programs took first place.
  • In the institutional ranking of NAOKO-2020 in the direction "Pedagogical Sciences" The University took 2nd place.

The University's representation in various ratings and external assessment of the quality of education by independent accreditation agencies indicates the quality of educational and methodological, research, and socio-cultural activities of the University.

The activities of Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University are carried out in accordance with the international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015, aimed at maximum satisfaction of the needs of consumers (students and employers), based on in-depth research of the market of educational services in the field of pedagogical Sciences and subject to continuous improvement and improvement of the quality of their provision.


Welcome to Almaty – city of thousand colors!

Almaty is no longer the capital of Kazakhstan, but it remains its largest, most happening and most enjoyable city.

It’s also Central Asia’s most beautifully situated city. The snow-capped mountains of the Tien Shan serve as a constant backdrop to city life.

Almaty is a safe place, during the day and at night: feel free to walk alone without undue fear (take your usual precautions).

ALMATY – What does it mean?

Its name is derived from the word apple. Apple translated to the Kazakh language means alma. It is not a coincidence that the name of the city comes from apples; it is believed that apples originated in this region and one can still find wild apples in the Almaty region.


  • Almaty

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