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Jam Academy - International Academy of Modern Music Italy

Jam Academy - International Academy of Modern Music Italy

Jam Academy - International Academy of Modern Music Italy


Since 2001 Jam Academy has offered to more than 5000 students the opportunity to discover and enhance their musical talent. The courses are divided into Basic Courses and Higher Education: Bachelor of Arts in Performance and Bachelor of Arts in Technology and Production. Jam Academy releases academic qualifications recognized by the London Performers Examination Board and accredited by BTEC Pearson (an English institution for academic and professional qualifications), University of Bedfordshire, Trinity College (Examination Board, British Certification Authority.

Didactic methodology for music teaching

In 2012 Jam Academy first introduced in her courses the new teaching methods of the Music Aptitude Development (M.A.D.) system. In this method the person doing music is seen as a whole, as doing music is a complex endeavor concerning both physical and psychological abilities. The core assumption of this method is the following: 1. Making music is an activity that concerns different very important aspects of a person: Rational thinking, creativity, emotional and bodily awareness. 2. The skills involved are not strictly bound to the specific nature of the musical endeavor, but more relevant to the functioning of the person as a whole. 3. Modern music is completely different from classical music and requires completely different teaching methodologies and learning procedures. The M.A.D. innovation resides in the training of such skills necessary to be able to perform music. Music Aptitude Development is designed to teach modern music and as such is unburdened of old legacies residing in the traditional teachings of written and classical music. It is clear that modern teaching methods are in dire need of new ways and procedures. We strongly believe that one can only learn how to make music from teachers that actually make music and that never stop studying and developing their skills. Music teaching is, to us, a serious business concerning every aspect of a person. The core concept is to work on motor skills, coordination, perception, imagination and very few knowledge concepts that our founding to the modern music. Everyone learns to sing, move in time, play the piano. Everyone has a profound knowledge of the modern harmony. Everyone studies composition and arranging, and so on. The difference is in how those skills are developed and how they fit and cooperate with each other. There is no talent, only hard work. Our students are prepared musicians, self-aware artists, and effective teachers, but among other things, they are made whole by the discovery of many skills and parts of them they did not know.


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