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Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina De Negocios

Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina De Negocios

Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina De Negocios


EAN It is a university that intends to form an educational community where you analyze, discuss, reflect and produce knowledge about the Management Sciences, with special attention to cultural and social relevance of educational processes and services that are transferred to the community.

Its mission is to train professionals entrepreneurs competent to lead projects in changing and global contexts, using a system based on social responsibility and the production of knowledge that contributes to social and economic development management approach.

They are the principles of action:

Humanistic training. The significance of the social context in the educational proposal. The plural participation in the construction of a project of quality, innovation and inclusion. The answer to demands of society and the market.

They are their priority values:

Love order Testimony Critical spirit Perseverance Solidarity Excellence

Their vision is to be an institution leader in the training of professionals entrepreneurs, in partnership with the productive sector and generating innovative knowledge relevant to economic and social development.


The races that dictates the Graduate Institute of Business School Argentina start twice a year: April and August. The Vacancies are limited and they are granted in strict order of registration.

Times courses are offered on the basis of quotas and, for that reason, the choices are reduced to the extent that they are completed.

Reservations for registration can be made up to one year before the start of the career chosen.

Required documentation

Photocopies DNI 2 photos 4 color x 4 Legalized photocopy of Certificate of Studies. Physical suitable.

If you are near our locations, you can approach the institution and authenticate the documents presented in original and photocopy our Student Services Center. If you live in the countryside, you can mail the photocopies legalized before a notary public.

Additional entry requirements

An interview with an educational institution Advisor Participate in the Day of Freshmen with the academic authorities of the Carrera.

Labor web

One of the objectives is to facilitate IUEAN their students insertion into the professional world. To this end, it has a platform called Web Laboral presenting new job offers every week. Students can upload your cv and apply for different searches ranging from juniors to managerial positions. On the other hand, for those who take their first steps in the labor market IUEAN has an internship program where students can acquire the first tools in your area of ​​interest and at the end, is evaluated by the company in order to observe their development in the post.


  • Buenos Aires

    Sede Centro: Av. Córdoba 1690 Capital Federal Sede Zona Norte: Av. Santa Fé 2162 Martínez, , Buenos Aires