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Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University


In the whole history of modern society, the concept of the university was understood as the cradle of knowledge, a place of wisdom, and a workshop of humanity. However, only the application of true wisdom on the acquired knowledge and decision patterns could secure the happiness and the future of people. Therefore, the goal of Istanbul Medipol University staff is to “pave the path” towards gaining wisdom for all its students.

To achieve this, IMU has adapted an innovative learning and teaching model and has created a real “knowledge society” of successful academicians. Each member of our faculty is committed to train their students according to the real-world conditions and to help them acquire the information and skills they will need for a bright career for a brighter future. Informational technologies are extensively used in the education process. Students’ facilitated access to the multimedia libraries, as well as their training in multiplex and computer classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment, increase the quality of education and research.

One of the key tasks of the university is to increase the students’ mobility in developing the “integrated” educational model. Also, by establishing e-learning programs and providing education without barriers for all, IMU will have a significant influence on the development of the region. This approach is essential for a university that welcomes students from all over the world and respects diversity.

As we prepare our students for lives of leadership and service, we know that it will be them to determine the near and distant future.



With the education it gives and the difference it creates, Istanbul Medipol University adopts the principle to generate individuals who have acquired permanent high qualifications, who have a focus on the production of science and technology, and who can respond to ever-changing demands of society and it makes it a responsibility to contribute to the scientific knowledge as well as to the welfare of the society.


To be a leading university that will give directions to science and society with a strong organizational culture, a spirit of entrepreneurship, and a stable dynamism.

Campus Features

Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex

Besides being a university hospital, Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex, which is the biggest private medical investment in Turkey, is a medical complex consisting of four separate branches.

It is also distinguished as the hospital with the highest number of branches in Turkey including General Training Hospital, Oncology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Dental Hospital. Not only the students of Medicine Dentistry, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation, Nursery, Healthcare Management Departments in the undergraduate programs, but also those of Vocational School of Health Service which holds several areas of expertise get their training in this hospital. Moreover, Specialty in Medicine training is being held in the extremely well-equipped clinics of our hospital.

Haliç Campus

The Haliç (Golden Horn) Campus is located on the peninsula nearby Haliç, which is one of the oldest parts of Istanbul and where the Unkapanı Bridge meets the land. On the campus is the College of Health Sciences and Vocational Schools. The campus also has several facilities.

Kavacık Campus

On both sides of the TEM (Trans-European Motorway), bridging Asia and Europe lies the North and South Campuses of Kavacık.

North Campus

On the North Campus are the Administrative Rectorate building, the Language School, and Vocational schools. The campus also covers a number of facilities including a sports center, restaurants, dormitory, library, study halls, dining halls, laboratories, car parks, Medical Center, Counseling Service, and REMER Research Center.

South Campus

The South Campus covers School of Medicine, International School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, Medipol Business School, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, School of Law, School of Education, School of Communication, School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Health Sciences, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Vocational Schools, Graduate School of Forensic Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Graduate School of Health Sciences and Graduate School of Social Sciences. Besides, the campus covers a number of facilities including conference halls, cultural-art structures, a library, dining halls, a shopping center, a hairdresser, coffee bars, dormitories, restaurants, research centers, and laboratories, and so on.


    How can I apply to your university?

    Admission requirements:

    • A completed application form.
    • Notarized translation of High School Graduation Certificate from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in candidate's home country.
    • Notarized translation of the transcript certificate from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the candidate's home country.
    • Original copy of the test result report approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the candidate's home country. Example: SAT DI: 7226.
    • High School Graduation Equivalency Certificate, which shows that the certificate is equivalent to high school diplomas issued in Turkey, from Turkey Embassy or Consulate in the candidate's home county.
    • A copy of the personal details page of the passport approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the candidate's home country.
    • A student visa obtained from the Turkish Embassy.
    • Candidates applying to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are required to prove their English proficiency. For example, TOEFL DI: 3619.
    • Turkish Proficiency Certificate from IMU Turkish Proficiency Exam or TOMER.
    • Permanent residence card to submit to IMU student affairs within one month after enrolment.
    • Four passport photographs.
    • A bank receipt showing the payment of tuition (the whole or a part of).
    • A document proving that the applicant was financially sponsored during education.
    • Student information form (to be completed at the time of registration).

    Visa Requirements

    How do I apply for the residence permit?

    You can fill the application form online, and then you need to deliver your papers in person. For more information, visit

    Scholarships and Funding

    We have scholarship opportunities for up to 50%. You can obtain detailed information during the registration period.


    Istanbul Medipol University on World University Rankings

    Istanbul Medipol University manifests its quality education and research with its successful place in the rankings listed by the world's most respected higher education ranking agencies.

    Medipol, which has strengthened its quality by fulfilling its accreditation processes in 2019, ranked in many university rankings such as Times Higher Education (THE), University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), Scimago, Round University Ranking (RUR), Webometrics, and U-Multirank.

    THE World’s Young University Rankings: Times Higher Education is a London-based rating agency that ranks universities according to certain key performance indicators such as research impact, citations, international impression, and educational environment. Istanbul Medipol University ranked in the 1001+ range on THE World University Ranking where over 25 thousand universities were evaluated. Medipol also ranked 401+ on THE World’s Young University Rankings, 401+ on THE Asia University Ranking, 501+ on THE Emerging Economies University Ranking, and 601+ on THE Ranking by Subject: Clinical, Pre-Clinical, and Health.

    THE World University Ranking

    THE Ranking by Subject: Clinical, Pre-Clinical, and Health

    THE Emerging Economies University Ranking

    THE Asia University Ranking

    THE Impact Rating World University Ranking

    URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance) University Ranking: Medipol ranked 65 out of 166 universities, and 12 out of 57 private universities of Turkey in the 2019-2020 rankings. In the World University Ranking by URAP, Medipol ranked 2104 out of 2500 universities.

    RUR (Round University Ranking): Medipol ranked 768 out of 829 universities, which were selected out of 1100 universities measured after certain criteria.

    Scimago University Ranking: Medipol ranked 734 out of 3471 universities (world), and 20 out of 112 universities (Turkey) in the 2020 rankings.

    Webometrics University Ranking: Medipol ranked 2570 (world), and 65 (Turkey) by Webometrics, which ranks 28 thousand universities from all over the globe in the world and country groups.

    U-Multirank: U-Multirank has been provided data for institutions and some programs since 2017. We have the opportunity to compare our university with the other universities in the world, within the framework of institutions and certain programs.


    • Istanbul

      Haliç Campus Cibali, Atatürk Blv. 25, Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey, 34083, Istanbul

      • Istanbul

        Kavacık Campus Kavacık, Beykoz/İstanbul, Turkey, 34810, Istanbul

        • Istanbul

          Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex Tem Avrupa Otoyolu Göztepe Çıkışı No: 1Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey, 34214, Istanbul