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On another note our next coming open house is in-person.

August 10th from 5.30-7pm.

The agenda is

  • Meet & Greet
  • Experience a day in life of IBU student/ Experience Personalized Learning at IBU
  • Engaging/Enriching Demo Classes for program
  • We'll tell you how to come to school without worrying about fees (Financial Assistance)
  • Insider info about our Admissions process, Credit Transfers
  • How to #Fastrackyourdegree (under3years-2.6)
  • Get to know your Faculty

All attendees will have a chance to win, 2500 CAD bursary toward first year courses and an exclusive dinner at 360restaurant – CN Tower Toronto.

Why IBU?

IBU is the next-generation business university designed to deliver a personalized education experience. You will benefit from 1-on-1 mentoring and tutoring to achieve your career goals. Your personal academic advisor will mentor and support you. With class size capped at 30 students, you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers and professors.

As Ontario’s first teaching-oriented, student-focused university we let you choose to study at your own convenience, on your own time.

At IBU, we carefully choose our faculty based on their rich practical experience and research expertise.

As exceptional professors and proven mentors, our faculty devote themselves to educating and opening doors for you. Crafting a learning experience both in and out of the classroom, they create an environment that encourages an exchange of diverse perspectives, provides a wide range of collaborative opportunities, and grounds your learning in a structure that ensures you meet your fullest potential.

Your Personalized Educational Experience

Our mission is to help you find a career that ultimately fuels your passion. IBU offers a personalized experience and industry-focused curriculum to set you up for a successful career in today’s highly competitive business world. Our professors devote themselves to opening doors for their students and applying their years of boardroom experience in the classroom, giving you an up-close and personal look at how today’s business world works and your path to success.

IBU encourages you to explore and achieve your greatest potential while acquiring the skills you need to become a leader in your industry and community.

International Business University has been granted consent by the Minister of Colleges and Universities to offer this degree for a program for a seven-year term starting December 4, 2020. Prospective students are responsible for satisfying themselves that the program and the degree will be appropriate to their needs (e.g. acceptable to potential employers, professional licensing bodies, or other educational institutions.)

Lifelong Learning

At the core of IBU’s values and mission is a belief in lifelong learning. That means we support you, both while you are completing your degree as an undergraduate student and afterward when you will be a contributing member of the global business community. Once you’ve achieved your degree, you are still a part of IBU.

Networking is a high priority in business, and IBU wants to be a part of your network. Alumni meetings and networking functions occur throughout the year, keeping you in touch with your fellow classmates, and helping you stay informed about what’s going on in the community. And sometimes it’s just nice to say hi!

IBU offers seminars and webinars on current business topics ranging from best practices in training to modern currency conversion to translation software technology. You will be invited to them all. Maybe you’d like to present one of your own? You’re always welcome back at IBU.

At IBU, we’ve got your back.

Current Accreditation

Global Business and technology don’t stand still and neither should you. As an IBU graduate, you can be assured that you will always be up to date with the current trends and technologies. We’ve got your back!

Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner for all of the university’s administrative activities. The President’s Advisory Committee on Environment and Sustainability, including faculty, student, and administrative staff representation, provides advice on potential teaching, research, and administrative initiatives to support good environmental and socially responsible practices.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

We know IBU is part of a larger community and are committed to making that community better than how we found it. IBU will explore ways in which we can partner with organizations, institutions, and corporations on projects and initiatives that support the economic, social, cultural, and environmental health and welfare of society and its citizens.

Campus Features

Located in Downtown Toronto, IBU gives easy access to all the excitement and activity that come with living in the heart of Canada’s major metropolis.

We do not offer housing accommodation on campus. However, several resources are available for students to search for off-campus options including, the two Student Residences.

Our campus space is being designed to include large common room areas conducive to group discussions. Extra-curricular activities on campus will include seminars, conferences, and workshops, involving faculty and partners from local and international businesses, as well as nonprofit and public sector organizations. These activities will be augmented by conferences drawing together scholars, businesspeople, and public policy experts to explore key challenges and emerging priorities in business today.

Campus life is up to you – get involved!

  • Take advantage of the student lounge to meet with your classmates.
  • Volunteer to participate in a university committee and have a direct impact on the governance of IBU and the life of future students.
  • Start a student group for students who have a common interest, and request recognition of the group through Enrolment Services.
  • Participate in – or volunteer for – orientation activities.


The IBU library is digital. Contact your advisor if you need assistance to access the library.


Academic Accommodation supports students with diagnosed disabilities through the development of Academic Accommodation Plans that the student can share with faculty and staff. These can include, for example, the allocation of longer times for tests or requests for a note-taker. Course materials follow AODA standards and are developed and available in digital form in the Learning Management System for easier use with accessibility tools.

Our campus has been designed to accommodate those with physical challenges such as wheelchair access.

IBU is committed to ensuring that you are treated fairly and equitably. IBU engages to provide accessible learning spaces and learning materials, as well as required accommodations to allow you access to the support you need to succeed.

IBU upholds and affirms the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Contact AccessAbility Services if you believe you require accommodations to succeed in your studies.


    Applicants must meet the minimum outlined in one of the following categories:

    High School

    Students entering from high school are required to have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent with a recommended minimum average of 70% in six courses at the 4U or 4M level or equivalent including:

    • Grade 12 English (ENG4U level or equivalent)
    • Grade 12 Math (U/M level)
    • Four other Grade 12 courses at the U/M level

    Students entering from high school are required to provide:

    • Official high school transcripts*
    • A completed online application form.
    • Proof of English Proficiency, if required**

    Mature Students

    A mature student is an applicant aged 19 or older on or before the commencement of the program, who has not achieved an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or its equivalent and has not engaged in formal education for at least 2 years before applying.

    Mature students will be evaluated on the successful completion of courses at the post-secondary level or through proficiency assessments, and are required to provide:

    • Official transcripts from all institutions attended*
    • A completed online application.
    • Resume
    • Proof of English Proficiency, if required**

    Other Post-Secondary Institutions

    Students may enter after completing a two or three-year college/university program and will be assessed for admission on a case-by-case basis. Students entering from other post-secondary institutions may be considered for transfer credits.

    Students entering from other post-secondary institutions are required to provide:

    • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended*
    • Detailed course descriptions, if applying for transfer credits
    • A completed online application form.

    IBU accepts international student applications only in the Online PLUS program. Online PLUS is a 100% online program that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

    To apply to Online PLUS, international students are required to provide:

    Official high school transcripts*

    Proof of English language proficiency

    Completed online application

    International students enrolling in the Online PLUS do not require a study permit and do not qualify for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

    *All official transcripts must be translated and notarized, if necessary. Original transcripts should be sealed, stamped, and sent directly from the issuing institution to Enrolment Services for evaluation.

    English Language Proficiency Admission Requirements

    All courses offered by International Business University (IBU) are conducted in English. To ensure the success of all admitted students, applicants are required to provide evidence of strong English language written, oral and comprehension skills.

    If your first language is not English and if you completed fewer than 4 consecutive years full-time in an approved Canadian secondary school, you must provide test results from one of the following English Language Proficiency Test providers. The test must have been taken within 2 years of the start of your term of admission and your test results must be equal to or greater than the minimum scores listed below.

    Test results must be sent directly from the test provider to IBU.

    Test accepted by IBU and their required minimum scores are:

    Cambridge Assessment English C1: Advanced and/or C2: Proficiency

    Required score: minimum 175 overall with no component below 170.

    Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)

    Required score: minimum 70 overall with no band below 60.

    International English Language Testing System Academic (IELTS) (not general test)

    Required score: minimum 6.5 overall with no band below 6.

    Pearson Test of English (PTE)

    Required score: minimum 60 overall with no Communicative Skills component (listening, speaking, reading, writing) below 60.

    Test of English as a Foreign Language, internet-based (TOEFL iBT) (not Super Score Test and not Home iBT test)

    Required score: minimum 83 overall with no individual scaled score (writing, speaking, reading, listening) below 20.

    Canadian Language Benchmarks score

    Required Score: minimum score of 7


    Required Score: minimum score of 105.

    Post-secondary level English for Academic Purposes program accredited by Languages Canada

    Required Level: the minimum equivalent of B Standing

    Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

    Required Score: Level C1 or higher

    Michigan English Language Reading Battery (MELAB)

    Required Score: Minimum 76

    Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTEST)

    Required Score 4.5 in Reading and Listening and 4.0 in Writing



    Scholarships and Funding

    IBU Financial Aid Program - Winter 2022 Semester

    At IBU, we work hard to make your education affordable and flexible. Our International Business Management and Technology program will make you the most marketable and prepared future employee that you can be. We believe in the education we provide to our students. That is why we offer a very competitive and affordable financial aid program in Ontario to support you during your journey with IBU.

    If you are eligible and approved, IBU will defer up to one-hundred percent (100%) of your program tuition and book fees until after you graduate and get a job. In order to continue receiving the IBU financial assistance, you must meet the academic progress requirements during the program. Funds from scholarships and bursaries are applied directly to tuition and other student fees owing.

    IBU Financial Aid Program Highlights:

    • For a limited number of eligible domestic applicants, up to 100% of their tuition and book payments will be deferred until they are employed after graduating.
    • IBU Financial Aid is absolutely interest-free. The student will only pay back the total tuition and book costs incurred during the study. There will be no interest charged to the financial aid package.
    • The student will have a chance to have 25% of the total financial aid waived if they graduate with an average CGPA of 4.0 and up.
    • You only pay monthly when your income is greater than the income threshold as determined by the university.

    In order to check if you qualify and for any other questions, contact our Enrolment Office today.


    • To be eligible for the IBU Financial Aid Program the applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and take a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester from in-class and/or the IBU Online PLUS program.
    • A co-signer is required. If you drop out of the program before you graduate, you have to pay back the outstanding dues within six months.

    Required Documentation

    • Address Proof (for last 5 years of residence)
    • Income Proof for both the applicant and the co-signer
    • Copy of passport or PR Card

    Entrance Scholarships

    IBU is pleased to welcome new students and offers two types of entrance scholarships.

    Entrance Scholarships for Academic Achievement

    IBU would like to reward your hard work in secondary school!

    You will automatically be considered for a merit-based entrance scholarship if:

    • you are a Canadian citizen or hold permanent resident status.
    • you are currently a full-time secondary school student (with continuous full-time secondary school attendance for the past 4 years)
      you completed your full-time secondary school studies no more than one academic year prior to your semester of admission (with continuous full-time secondary school attendance for 4 years)
    • you are beginning post-secondary studies for the first time.
    • you will be registered full-time* in your IBU degree program.

    Entrance scholarships are granted for each of your first two IBU semesters and are awarded based on the average of your top six Ontario Grade 12 U or M final full credit course grades, including the specific required courses for your program (or equivalent Grade 12 final credit course grades from secondary schools outside of Ontario). **

    * Full-time status at IBU required for entrance scholarships is defined as a minimum 80% course load (12 credit hours). Entrance scholarships will be canceled if you drop courses and reduce your course load to below 12 credit hours at any time for that semester.
    ** The determination of the credits to be used in the calculation of your Grade 12 average lies solely at the discretion of IBU; as well, changes to final secondary school grades received after August 1 will not result in a recalculation of the average.

    General Entrance Scholarships

    You will automatically be granted an entrance scholarship of $750 for each of the 2021 fall and 2022 winter semesters if:

    • you did not receive a merit-based entrance scholarship.
    • you are a Canadian citizen or hold permanent resident status.
    • you will be registered full-time* in your IBU degree program.

    * Full-time status at IBU required for entrance scholarships is defined as a minimum 80% course load (12 credit hours). Entrance scholarships will be canceled if you drop courses and reduce your course load to below 12 credit hours at any time during the semester.

    Currently, IBU students are not eligible to receive funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). However, there are several other options that can be explored.

    These include:

    Bank Loans:

    Most financial institutions offer a line of credit loans to students at favorable rates. Speak to a representative at your bank or credit union to discuss their terms and then research the terms at one or two other financial institutions before making your decision.

    Education Savings Plans:

    You and/or your family may have been putting aside funds for your education through an education savings plan. Once you have been admitted and registered for your courses, contact your plan to find out what you need to do to have your funds released.


    Some students are supported by third-party organizations, by their Indigenous bands, or by foreign governments. These organizations can transfer the funds directly to IBU. If sponsored students are not able to pay their fees by the deadline, or their sponsor will pay directly to IBU, they must submit their sponsorship letter or confirmation to the Enrolment Services office.

    Crown Wards:

    If you are or were a crown ward and spent at least one full year in foster care, you may be eligible for a full waiver of your tuition and ancillary fees. Contact the Enrolment Services office for details.


    You (and your friends and family!) can convert Aeroplan, American Express, CIBC or TD points, or a HigherEdPoints gift certificate, into funds applied directly to your tuition fees. For details, see

    Entrance Scholarships:

    If you have received an entrance scholarship it will be applied directly to your account.

    Other Scholarships:

    There are many organizations that offer scholarships to students, some with specific and unique criteria. Review the scholarship opportunities and applications listed on, some of which may fit your situation. Submit as many applications as you can. Another site to explore is

    Payment Plan:

    If you are experiencing difficulties meeting the payment deadline and can demonstrate the ability to make regular payments, please go to Enrolment Services to discuss a payment plan option (not to exceed one semester).

    English Language Requirements

    Certify your English proficiency with the Duolingo English Test! The DET is a convenient, fast, and affordable online English test accepted by over 4,000 universities (like this one) around the world.


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