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Institut Paul Bocuse



The Institut Paul Bocuse is a member of the international elite when it comes to providing instruction in the fields of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.

Inspired by its two visionary co-founders and their extraordinary careers - Paul Bocuse, international star of the culinary arts, and chef of the century with 3 Michelin stars for 50 years, and Gérard Pélisson, co-founder of the Accor Group, the epitome of managerial and entrepreneurial success – the Institut enjoys a unique prestige in France and around the world.

Our goal: to pass on their passion and their innovative, contemporary vision to you, one that our faculty has managed to adapt to changes in how our industry works, to train each and every one of you so that you can face up to the challenges of tomorrow.


  • 140 highly qualified and multi-disciplinary permanent professors and professionals will pass on to you their international managerial experience of all areas of the hotel and restaurant business. 40 of them have a PhD or other doctorate.
  • Our culinary education is based on sharing the experiences and skills of more than 20 expert, professional, permanent chefs, including a team of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.
  • More than 150 experts from around the world are the icing on the cake of our fantastic teaching team. You can reap the rewards of their incredible experiences to reveal your very own style.


We are internationally renowned for putting human beings right at the centre of our approach to education. We strive to recognize and bring out talent through a unique approach that helps each individual excel and reveal every aspect of his or her personality.

With us, you can customize your learning by choosing options that will hone your skills according to your aptitudes and your aspirations, both professional and personal.


Our programmes, from Bachelor's degrees to Doctorates, are based on international academic models, giving you university and professional recognition around the world.

Institut Paul Bocuse is the only European training group specializing in the hospitality industry that has a Research Centre on its campus.

A source of innovation that sounds out the future, this research is constantly enriching the content of our programmes and makes sure that we are at the cutting edge of education.

Right at the core of our educational system, our methods and practices have always been dynamic and creative including:

  • Inter-university case studies
  • SPOCs
  • Serious Games
  • Learning through play
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Business incubators

We encourage learning through experience, offering you some very specific skills of being able to open your minds combined with a high level of practical expertise.

Theory alternates with practical learning: you will take part in a variety of collaborative projects in collaboration with our partner companies. This approach to learning helps you consolidate what you know, gives it meaning, develops your entrepreneurial spirit, your leadership and your ability to express yourself in public.

Students at Institut Paul Bocuse take part in major events like the SIRHA, to come up with new concepts that inspire the whole of the profession.


We are the first college dedicated to hospitality and culinary arts with a Development Center. It is made up of experts from the hospitality industry and human resources coaches who help put together the different stages of your career plan.

During your induction week, you will complete a skills assessment and a personality test to establish your personal and professional profile, so you can decide with us how you would like to develop to help your future integration in the workplace.


Your ability to think about the future, to be proactive in a world that is constantly changing, will help you broaden the technical and managerial skills that you pick up during your education.

We are here to help you throughout your life and make sure you find the right path for you in existing or future areas of the hotel and restaurant industry.


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