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International Institute in Geneva

International Institute in Geneva


Located in Geneva, Switzerland, at the centre of Europe and a hub for international politics and business, the campus is close to the airport and about 5 km from the city centre. The IIG has students representing over 60 nationalities thus providing a truly multicultural setting.

International Institute in Geneva is committed to excellence in education and professional enhancement.

The multicultural student body, faculty and dynamic environment of the Institute contribute to the creation of a framework in which the students acquire a global education.

The programs have been designed to create a sound balance between theoretical foundations and practical applications, through the use of real business issues and visits to major multinational companies in the region.

Classes are small in order to allow group discussion and provide more individualized attention. International Institute in Geneva is committed to helping students reach their full potential. The faculties have relevant experience in industry and business at senior levels, combined with a strong academic background.

The methods of instruction at the International Institute in Geneva are innovative and underline the importance of gaining an international perspective on management, digital, and international relations issues.

The use of experiential learning methods such as case analysis and business simulations ensures the development of analytical skills, which are critical in today’s competitive and rapidly changing world.

International Institute in Geneva emphasizes the importance of interpersonal skills, leadership, communication and the ability to work in multicultural teams, by encouraging active class participation and making regular presentations on strategic management issues. In that spirit, students are expected to work in teams, in order to simulate a situation in which they develop a proactive attitude and master effective communication skills.

IIG’s academic philosophy stresses the development of an entrepreneurial orientation relevant to both small and medium-sized companies, as well as large multinational corporations.

Vision Statement

To Develop International Professionals Committed To Serve A Sustainable Society.

Mission Statement

International Institute in Geneva is a Higher Education Foundation supervised by the Swiss Federal Authority, which provides quality education for student success in business and international careers.

The Institute is dedicated to:

  • Education - Provide education in business, communication, international relations, and trade with a global outlook.
  • Excellence - Foster a balance of academic and practical programs through effective learning processes, personalized student services, and a faculty that is committed to teaching and research.
  • Environnement - Offer a dynamic learning environment, promoting diversity and being responsive to the changing needs of the international community.

International Network

International Institute in Geneva has established a strong network, developing exchange programs with accredited academic institutions worldwide. The program provides opportunities for students from universities within the IIG network in:

  • Europe (eg Plymouth University)
  • USA (eg Boston University)
  • Central and South America
  • Asia and the Middle East
  • Africa

to attend one semester at IIG and be credited at their institution.

It also allows IIG students (maximum two per year) to attend one semester or one summer term at another University and be credited at IIG.

With some universities, students may obtain a dual degree with IIG.

Geneva, a Global City

Geneva belongs to a select group of truly “international” cities of the world making it an ideal place to study international management, international relations, and digital media.

The city is host to the United Nations and specialized agencies such as the World Trade Organization and is often referred to as the capital of peace and diplomacy.

Many multinational organizations are located in the region due to the excellent logistical network and central location of Geneva.

In the heart of Europe, it is only one hour by air from London, Paris, Brussels, and Milan.

Geneva is well known as one of the world’s major international financial centres, especially for the management of private capital assets.

Geneva is a window into the world of technology. It is home to such world leaders as The World Economic Forum (WEF), Hewlett-Packard, Nestlé, Richemont, Procter and Gamble, Caterpillar and Du Pont de Nemours.

International Telecommunication Union and Reuters’ European communication centre have also chosen Geneva as their headquarters. CERN, located in Geneva, is where the World Wide Web was invented.

The quality and variety of Geneva’s cultural life, with its numerous theatres, museums, and international conferences, makes it the right place to obtain a global education.

The city is a showcase for the most celebrated names in fashion, jewellery, and watchmaking, and is home to Rolex and Patek Philippe, among others. Ideally situated on the shores of Lake Leman at the foot of the Alps, Geneva offers excellent outdoor sporting activities.

The city’s cosmopolitan character, with nearly 150 nationalities from all around the world, makes everyone feel at home.

Scholarships and Funding

Each year the Institute awards a limited number of scholarships. The selection criteria are based on past academic performance (GPA) and financial needs. Interested applicants should send a request letter together with the application material.

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Ranked among the top ten business schools in Switzerland, the International Institute in Geneva (IIG) is an accredited academic institution specialising in business education. The Institute offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Marketing and Communication and International Trade. The curriculum features a unique combination of theoretical and practical instruction, with a particular focus on international business practices. The international exchange program offers an opportunity for students to study at renowned universities worldwide. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, at the centre of Europe and a hub for international politics and business, the campus is close to the airport and about 5 km from the city centre. The IIG has students representing over 60 nationalities providing a truly multicultural setting.

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