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You’ll never find another place like Hardin-Simmons University. We are a Baptist university in Abilene, Texas, with 127 years of history and traditions that aren’t matched at any other school, and that gives HSU a personality as big as the West Texas horizon.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission: The mission of Hardin-Simmons University is to be a community dedicated to providing excellence in education enlightened by Christian faith and values.
  • Vision: Hardin-Simmons University will be an innovative community of servant scholars engaging the minds and nurturing the spirits of future Christian leaders.

So, what does make HSU different?

Honestly, you won’t know what makes Hardin-Simmons different from other universities until you visit. When prospective students visit the campus, they use the words “family” and “home” to describe HSU. We think that says a lot about us, and we’d love to have you come visit.

But right now, you want to know why you should even come to visit. So, let’s start at HSU’s beginning … actually before its formation.

The Legacy of James B. Simmons

Our namesake founder, Dr. James B. Simmons, was a Baptist minister from the Northeast before and after the Civil War. He preached freedom for slaves before the war, which earned him threats of tar and feathers … and got his church in Indianapolis burned to the ground. After the Civil War, he helped found seven colleges for freed slaves because he knew education was essential for their success as free citizens.

Finally, he helped a group of merchants, ranchers, and pastors in the frontier town of Abilene, Texas, start a new Baptist university to serve a huge area of the country where no higher education yet existed. The legacy of Dr. James B. Simmons is still strongly felt and embodied at Hardin-Simmons University today.

Simmons was a frontiersman who never lived on the frontier. Through his thoughts and prayers and dreams, he helped others push boundaries and break barriers. Simmons asked himself two questions, “What is the greatest thought that has ever occupied your mind?” and, “What is your duty toward fulfilling it?”

His pioneering spirit and those two huge questions produced a mission that lives on at HSU, “So that Christianity may reach the whole globe, all barriers must be removed.”

The HSU Family

Our students have big dreams, and HSU exists to instill the knowledge and nurture the confidence to identify and fulfill those dreams. We do that by embracing every student as a member of our Family. You will matter at HSU, and you will matter to us when you go into the world.

Our students will tell you that they came here to be part of that Family. Our alumni will tell you, from all around the world, that they are still part of the HSU Family.

Prospective students who visit HSU tell us all the time, “I just knew HSU was where I was supposed to be.” Our campus is welcoming and not intimidating. Everything is easy to find and all classes are within quick walks of residential buildings.

HSU Traditions

Big Texas universities are famous for their traditions, but big schools aren’t famous for their family atmospheres. At Hardin-Simmons, though, you can find traditions like Beanie Capping, Ring Dunk, the Six White Horses, and Cowboy Band – all while keeping your chance to be a big fish in a small pond.

Academic Excellence

We also have a ratio of 1 professor for every 12 students. That ensures that you will get personal attention from your professors, and every class will be taught by a professor. There aren’t any crowds for you to get lost in at HSU. In fact, you’ll probably get invited to dinner at a professor’s house every so often. You will be pushed to do your best, but you’ll always have assistance to achieve it.

Can you feel the difference, yet?

Families love, protect, support, and challenge each other. We challenge you to come to Hardin-Simmons, become part of our family, have fun, learn a lot, find your dreams, break barriers, blaze new trails – and change the world for Christ.


HSU Academics

Through our five major schools and colleges, HSU offers more than 50 undergraduate majors and minors, and 14 graduate degrees, from business to physical therapy.

HSU Faculty

We’re proud of our intimate class sizes. Our 12:1 student-faculty ratio allows for personal attention from your professors. More than 90 percent of our faculty members hold the highest degrees in their fields of study.

HSU Athletics

Cowboy and Cowgirl spirit thrives on campus. HSU participates in NCAA Division III sports. We offer 18 varsity sports including basketball, golf, tennis, cross country, track, soccer, football, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

Our Commitment to Affordability

More than 98 percent of HSU students receive financial assistance of some sort. We award more than $47 million in aid to our students, including federal, state, and institutional programs.

HSU is committed to affordability, and our financial aid team will work with you and your family to explore all of your options for financing your education.

HSU Resources & Technology

Our campus library features more than 440,000 items in its online catalog. And, we’re part of the Abilene Library Consortium, which offers more than two million items.

Nearly every corner of our campus is Wi-Fi accessible, and you’ll find computers across campus in more than a dozen labs and common areas.

    Campus Features

    From the distinctive dome atop Skiles Building to the stunning stained glass in Logsdon Chapel, we know you’ll find our campus beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming. Our 200-acre home is comprised of 33 major buildings, including classrooms, residence halls, and apartments, as well as athletic fields and lots of wide-open green space.

    Life on Campus

    HSU is filled with opportunities for intellectual, social, cultural, and spiritual development. Join one or more of our 40+ campus organizations, including intramural teams in 20 sports, 8 club sports, service groups, academic clubs, and honor societies. Plus, enjoy fellowship with your friends and classmates at the chapel.

    Live in one of our six residence halls, or students who have completed 4 semesters and/or are 21 years old may choose to reside in one of two apartment complexes on campus.


      Join the HSU family! At HSU you will learn from our nationally acclaimed faculty, connect with students from around the world, and be mentored by people who genuinely care about your spiritual, intellectual, and personal development. Whether you are a first-time freshman, transfer student, or returning to finish your degree, we would love for you to make HSU your home.

      Admission Requirements: First-Time Freshmen

      General admission will be offered based on test scores, class rank, GPA, and extracurricular activities.

      Automatic general admission will be offered to any student with one of the following qualifications:

      • A Composite ACT score of 20 or
      • A Combined SAT score of 1030 or
      • A CLT score of 66 or
      • A high school class rank within the top 25%
      • Test Optional applicants will be automatically admitted with a 3.5 HS GPA

      While we recommend you take a college entrance exam or submit the scores you already have, HSU will accept applications without test scores, with no penalty to the student. HSU will continue to have a holistic application review process and will consider all submitted application items when making an admission decision.

      Deadline to Apply: Applications are accepted through August 2022 for the Fall 2022 start.

      International Students

      Preparing to study in a foreign country can be very exciting, and the journey to enrollment is a fulfilling experience. The following international undergraduate admissions steps are designed to help you make a smooth transition to HSU.

      Step 1: Application

      Start your international admission application to HSU today! There is no application fee! Create a profile on our website and submit the online application.

      Step 2: Admission

      • The international admissions process at HSU is simple. We need the following items to consider you for admission at HSU as an international undergraduate student:
      • Submit transcripts of all secondary work (high school). Transcripts must be original documents or clear photocopies by a school or government official.
      • Submit either an official SAT, ACT or CLT test score. Minimum test score requirements for international admission to HSU are:
        • SAT 1030*
        • ACT 20*
        • CLT 66*

      *If you are transferring from a university inside or outside of the U.S., you do not need to submit an SAT, ACT, or CLT score. However, we do require a language proficiency score.

      • Submit either TOEFL, IELTS, or a Duolingo English proficiency test score. Minimum English proficiency requirements for international admission to HSU are:
        • TOEFL: 79
        • IELTS: 6.5
        • Duolingo: 95
      • Statement of purpose. Submit a one to two-page essay on why you wish to study in the United States and at Hardin-Simmons University. Please include your full name in your statement of purpose essay.

      Step 3: Immigration

      In order to study in the United States, international students must complete a few immigration requirements with HSU:

      • Copy of Passport;
      • Provide a statement of financial backing;
      • Sign up for I-20 shipping;
      • Pay SEVIS Fee;
      • Schedule a Visa interview;
      • Pay enrollment deposit.

      Step 4: Finalization & Registration

      After you are admitted to the university and have completed your immigration requirements, there are a few additional items for you to complete in order to register for classes and then prepare for your arrival at HSU:

      • Complete the Terms of Agreement;
      • Accept Scholarship in HSU Central;
      • Register for Classes.

      Step 5: Housing & Arrival Information

      HSU will assist with your arrival to our campus by providing transportation service from the Abilene Regional Airport, and will also make sure your housing is ready when you arrive. In order to prepare for your arrival, the following items must be completed:

      • Complete a Housing Request in HSU Central;
      • Complete the Student Health Form in MedProctor;
      • Complete the Arrival Form and Review the Pre-departure Checklist.

      Step 6: Payment

      International students are required to make their first payment toward their student account prior to their arrival at the HSU campus. Please make sure your first payment is made through HSU Central by the following payment due dates:

      Payment Deadlines:

      • Fall: August 1
      • Spring: January 5

      Visa Requirements

      In order to study in the United States, international students must complete a few immigration requirements with HSU:

      1. Copy of Passport. Submit a copy of your passport.
      2. Provide a statement of financial backing. Before a Form I-20 can be issued, students must complete a signed Statement of Financial Backing form and include supporting evidence; i.e. bank statements, savings accounts, etc. You will also submit these documents to the U.S. Consulate when applying for your visa.
      3. Sign up for I-20 shipping. To sign up for HSU to ship the I-20 document you need to visit our partner SASS-SmartShip website. Once you sign up, select Hardin-Simmons University from the drop-down menu to create your I-20 shipment. HSU will receive a shipping label in order to quickly mail your I-20. Once your document has been shipped, you will receive a notification so you can monitor delivery.
      4. Pay SEVIS Fee. To pay your SEVIS fee proceeds to the following official DHS website here. For instructions on paying your SEVIS fee, view this video tutorial.
      5. Schedule a Visa interview. To schedule your visa interview you will need to visit the following U.S. State Department website. Prior to your visa interview, you will need to review the F-1 Visa Interview Checklist and take those items with you on your interview date. Download a paper copy of this list here.
      6. Pay enrollment deposit. Pay your enrollment deposit ($3,000 USD) and secure your spot at HSU. This enrollment deposit also acts as your first payment to your school tuition and fees. For instructions on how to pay your enrollment deposit, you can view these instructions here.

      Scholarships and Funding

      Affording HSU

      Each year, about 97% of HSU students receive financial aid including scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study. In fact, our average student pays about the same each year as someone who goes to a large Texas public university.

      So, there’s no need to get sticker shock when you look at costs. We are committed to bringing you here to get an awesome Christian education, and part of that is helping make it as affordable as we can – now and in the future.

      Hardin-Simmons is unlikely to be your cheapest college option. Yeah, we said it. However, (you knew there would be a however) we believe we are one of the best values in all of higher education. That means you will get a better quality education from HSU than a cheaper college, and a similar or better quality than many more expensive private universities.

      How can we measure our value?

      • Our 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio for individual attention;
      • 90% of our faculty hold the highest available degree in their fields;
      • Fully accredited for 10 years (as of 2018);
      • All that financial aid;
      • The HSU family and traditions you can’t find anywhere else.

      International Student Scholarships

      Hardin-Simmons University provides excellent scholarships for high-achieving undergraduate international students who desire to study in the United States at our Abilene, Texas campus. After receiving admission to the university, eligible international students will be automatically evaluated for these scholarships. HSU considers a student's academic records, college entrance exam scores, co-curricular involvement, enrollment status, and anticipated major when awarding scholarships to an international student.

      2021-2022 Academic Scholarships for International Students

      • Honors Scholarship: $21,000 USD per year (very competitive selection, award upon acceptance into the honors program )
      • Trustees Scholarship - $16,000 USD per year (SAT score: 1330 or higher)
      • Presidents Scholarship - $14,000 USD per year (SAT score: 1230 or higher)
      • Deans Scholarship - $12,000 USD per year (SAT score: 1130or higher)
      • University Scholarship - $10,000 USD per year (SAT score: 1030or higher)

      Additional Scholarships for International Students

      • Church Matching Scholarship - Up to $2,000 USD per year
      • HSU Heritage Scholarship - $1,500 USD per year (awarded for dependents of Christian pastors or missionaries)
      • Departmental Scholarships - Amount varies depending on academic program
      • Needed-based Grants - Amount varies depending on financial need
      • Campus Work Study Jobs - Up to $4,400 USD per year

      Outside Scholarships

      Outside scholarships are scholarships that can be used for any university and come from a source not connected to a specific university. Most of the time, you can apply for these scholarships online but there are some that still want a paper application. Of course, all of them have qualifications and a deadline.

      You might be asked to provide some personal information or to write about your financial need, but scholarship agencies should never request your bank account or credit card number. If a scholarship agency requests personal bank information, do not apply for that scholarship. Also, when searching for outside scholarships, check the URL address for https:// which tells you it is a secure site. If the site is unsecured, do not apply for that scholarship.

      Student Testimonials


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