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Graduate School of Engineering - ESIEA

Graduate School of Engineering - ESIEA

Graduate School of Engineering - ESIEA


ESIEA, the Graduate School of Engineering, provides high-level engineering training and develops our students' personal abilities, giving them life skills that make all the difference.

ESIEA has built its reputation on transferring knowledge, know-how, and life skills to its future graduates, enabling them to swiftly enter their first position and develop their careers in a continuously changing world.

Our ambition is to train engineers as designers, developers, system and application integrators by combining coursework in IT, electronics, and automated systems.

Through the courses taught, the teamwork on practical projects, and humanitarian, cultural, or sporting activities, our students find the means to stimulate their creativity and develop their taste for innovation, their capacity to adapt, and their sense of communication. The wide range of possibilities, the freedom of choice, and proximity to permanent teaching and research staff help students to build their own paths, making them unique ESIEA engineers.


  • Laval

    Rue des Docteurs Calmette et Guérin,38, 53000, Laval

    • Ivry-sur-Seine

      Avenue Maurice Thorez,74 bis, 94200, Ivry-sur-Seine

      • Île-de-France

        Rue Vesale,9, 75005, Île-de-France