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Ferrari Fashion School

Ferrari Fashion School

Ferrari Fashion School


Come and see how your future in the Fashion World will be! Join the Ferrari Fashion School and create your professional future with us. Choose the “custom-made” course for you and put your talent and creativity to the test. Ferrari Fashion School is a fashion academy that forges the new protagonists of Fashion, through a highly specialized education that gives “knowledge” and “know-how” to its students. Ferrari Fashion School is a fashion academy in which passion is the constant source of energy and inspiration for young people from all over the world, to become the best professionals of the future. Ferrari Fashion School keeps partnership relations with many companies in the fashion world and with the students, both current and graduated ones, to offer them job, development and growth opportunities for all the stages of their careers. Joining this fashion school means you’ll be part of a high-level educational path, and belong to a unique group of esteemed and valued professionals.

Take a look at our website for information about Professional Courses and Masters: Stylist, Fashion Illustration, Designer, Tailoring, Fashion Photography, Cad Designer, 2D, and 3D artist, and many others! In Milan, a city that’s always been known as the Fashion capital, icon of Style and Design of Excellence, Ferrari Fashion School has its new headquarter in Via Savona 97, in the heart of the new Fashion District of the city, currently hosting the most important international Fashion Houses and Showrooms, among which Armani, Canali, Fendi, Diesel, Elisabetta Franchi, and many others. It’s just here, a few steps away from these important realities, where Ferrari Fashion School carries out its work, where they define new styles and trends, and it’s also a stage for the biggest international events related to Fashion.

Not just a School but an actual “fashion company” that forges the future professionals of the Fashion world.

The fashion world is in constant evolution and change, and it’s always looking for youngsters who have achieved, during their educational path, not only high-level technical skills and techniques but also an approach and a work method that is closer to the world of work and companies.

The learning speed and the quality of our courses are guaranteed by many factors:

  • Individual disposition classes: The teacher individually follows each student by fully respecting his/her creativity and personal taste.
  • Custom study plans: Depending on the knowledge level of the student it’s possible to set up, after an interview with the teacher, a “custom” study plan.
  • Teachers board: Selected among the best professionals in the industry, who want to share their experience and professionalism, by giving our students the “knowledge” and the “know-how”.
  • Periodic tests and exams: To evaluate the improvements of the student and promptly act in case of issues or backlogs about the study plan.
  • Educational Material: Cutting edges and provided with complete and constantly up-to-date contents, following the latest international trends and methods.
  • Teamwork: To develop good relationship skills and offer interesting opportunities to deal with professional figures of the industry.
  • Classrooms: The classrooms are equipped with modern and professional tools, which allow the students to make use of the same equipment they will find in the world of work in the future.
  • Opportunity to join workshops, seminars and contests: All of our students have the opportunity to access in-depth analysis or specializations and work in close contact with professional people of the industry.

Textbooks and Educational Material

The educational material composed of textbooks, templates, and squares, is provided to our students for free. The contents are complete and always up-to-date, by following the latest international trends and methods.
Moreover, we give all our students the possibility to access the school’s Library, where they can consult books and materials, in order to develop several projects during the year.

Ferrari Fashion Lab

Classrooms are provided with complete and constantly cutting-edge equipment, that is completely available to our students and allows them to make use of tools and materials they will find again in the world of work then. Not really typical “classrooms” but a multifunctional environment: from the Style Office, where Stylists and Designers develop their collections and give vent to their creativity that interacts with the Modeling and Tailoring Lab, where the design and production of whole collections take place. A school, conceived as an actual Fashion Company, where you can work in a team and directly compare yourself with the several professional figures, and it’s possible to plan and develop a real Brand’s identity, by following the whole design and production cycle of a collection, from the conception to the final product.

Events and Runway Shows

Milan has always been known as the undisputed Fashion capital and has a calendar full of events related to the world of the fashion system, going on all year long. Ferrari Fashion School is a fashion academy that gives its students the opportunity to join events and shows during the Milan Fashion Week and visit exhibitions and museums as well as the most important fashion industry trade shows of the international overview.

Workshops and Seminars

During the year our students have the opportunity to join workshops and seminars about subjects related to the fashion world, design, and tailoring, and to meet professional people of the industry as well as to be part of events, exhibitions, and runway shows.


  • Milan

    Via Savona 97, 20144, Milan


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