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EHL Hospitality Business School Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management
EHL Hospitality Business School

Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management

Lausanne, Switzerland

4 Years


Full time

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CHF 167,776 / per course *


* Singapore: SGD 143,700 | Lausanne fees for international students: CHF 167’776 | Lausanne fees for Swiss citizens: CHF 81’010


Customer expectations are changing dramatically. Employee expectations are shifting. From finance to HR to marketing, every business function can be improved by applying the principles of outstanding customer service and people centricity.

EHL’s Bachelor of Science puts you in a hospitality setting where your service is under the spotlight. It challenges you to pay attention to detail and uncover opportunities to improve service, preparing you to become an agile and creative leader in the fast-evolving business world.

About EHL

EHL Hospitality Business School was the first of its kind, founded in 1893. Year after year, EHL ranks number one among universities for hospitality management studies. Today, EHL is a business school with a hospitality lens.

Build experience as you study

The program begins with a preparatory year where you gain hospitality training in real-life situations to build vital personal skills for the professional service world. You also practice your customer experience learnings through the semesters and two internships that follow.

EHL’s immersive course structure will give you confidence in any situation. Through events and a range of assignments, you will graduate with experience in public speaking, pitching, networking, collaborating, and independent working.

A place to grow, personally and professionally

From day one of your Bachelor, you will be immersed in a professional environment where business attire is a normal part of daily life. Collaborative work, weekly events, and mentorship opportunities open doors for you to form connections and become part of the thriving EHL network.

It is also an international environment, helping you develop a cultural awareness that will serve you for a lifetime. Not only will you join a cohort of students from around the world but you have the possibility to study in Singapore during your second and final years. You can also complete your internship anywhere in the world. These possibilities enable you to put yourself close to the career opportunities you want to pursue.

Key Facts

  • Diploma
    Bachelor of Science HES-SO in International Hospitality Management

  • Duration
    4 years including the Preparatory Year

  • Accreditation
    NECHE (USA) & The Swiss Accreditation Council (Through its association by convention to the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO)

  • Internships
    6 months in Hospitality| 6 months in Business


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