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Deggendorf Institute of Technology B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering
Deggendorf Institute of Technology

B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering

Pfarrkirchen, Germany

7 Semesters


Full time

15 Jul 2024

Oct 2024

EUR 72 / per semester *


* Student Union fee | Additional fees may apply, please read below for more details


Those who are interested in a career in the field of energy and resource efficiency will soon become aware that both a sound technical and economic knowledgebase is necessary. Those who are also interested in renewable energies, engineering and its maintenance, repair and operation in connection with economic viability and project management, are suited to the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering programme. These particular aspects are the focus of this bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at the European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen.

A particular emphasis will be on the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in the areas of maintenance, repair and operation engineering and management. This includes topics such as sustainability, renewable energies, process and operation technology, IT in plant and equipment engineering (Industry / Energy 4.0) as well as in leadership, investment and financing, business and operational processes, logistics and in maintenance, repair and operation strategies and planning. A further important component of the programme is the development of language and intercultural competencies, including the specialisation on a particular cultural and economic region.

Graduates of this degree programme will possess the best qualifications and know-how to work in national and international environments in fields such as facility planning and engineering; service and maintenance engineering; maintenance, repair and operation management as well as in controlling for technical fields and in project management.

Course Aim

Modern industrial companies are characterised by a high level of complexity of various technologies and processes. More and more, topics such as energy and resource efficiency as well as the safe operation of processes and procedures are essential aspects of their economic success.

In light of a growing scarcity of resources and the need to limit the effects of climate change, one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is the decarbonisation of industrial societies. The ongoing maintenance and repair of processes and procedures in production as well as energy generation play a crucial role in this.

An intelligent service and maintenance schedule, as well as the organisation of service and maintenance for production and energy generation facilities, help enormously to increase efficiency and thus save energy and resources. Maintenance, repair and operations; manufacturing and assembly; engineering, the efficient planning of internal processes as well as building and property management are thus important components of future industrial society.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) engineers, industrial engineers with a focus on maintenance, repair and operation engineering and management, are characterised by their role in the safe and efficient operation of industrial processes; from facilities to energy production and / or the processing of raw materials and the energy-efficient management of buildings and properties. In addition to a basic bachelor course in industrial engineering, the programme integrates technical training in the fields of maintenance, repair and operations engineering and management, sustainability and data processing. From the third semester onward, the students have the opportunity to select a focus in the technical or in the management area.

This interdisciplinary-oriented programme with an additional qualification in the area of language and culture is targeted toward engaged people from all over Europe and beyond, who would like to work in the future-oriented field of environment, resource and climate-conscious processes and technologies.



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