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Atilim University BSc in Department of Industrial Engineering
Atilim University

BSc in Department of Industrial Engineering

Ankara, Turkey

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Sep 2023

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BSc in Department of Industrial Engineering

The objective of the Department of Industrial Engineering related to education is to provide IE graduates of the future with the highest skills, knowledge, and insights to enable them to respond to the challenges of a changing environment for engineering practice. Growing global competition and the explosion of information technology, which changed the way the organizations operate, require engineers not only with technical skills but with a skill set that includes communication, teamwork and global, economic, social and environmental awareness as well. Accordingly, the department aims to graduate industrial engineers who

• Possess a good knowledge of mathematics, sciences, and engineering,
• Are able to design, improve and implement an integrated system of key resources– people, materials, equipment, energy, and information – in complex organizations,
• Work effectively in teams and communicate effectively,
• Are able to adapt to many environments,
• Can understand the impact of engineering work in a global and social context,
• Have strong management skills.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is a discipline concerned with the design, improvement and the installation of the systems for organizing the basic resources – people, materials, equipment, energy, and information – to produce goods and services.

What do Industrial Engineers do?

Industrial engineers (IEs) figure out how to do things better, drawing upon specialized knowledge and skills in the mathematical and physical sciences, engineering sciences, humanities, and the social sciences to analyze, design, improve, control and evaluate production systems. Some benefits that can be directly linked to the work of industrial engineers include;

• More efficient and more profitable business practices while increasing customer service and quality,
• Good organization,
• Increased ability to do more with less,
• Making work safer, faster, easier, and more rewarding,
• Reducing the costs associated with new technologies,
• Showing ways to improve the working environments.

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