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95 Bachelor Programs in Statistics 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in Statistics

    Bachelor’s degrees are awarded following completion of 120 semester credits. This usually takes students about four years of focused study to complete. As part of the degree, students participate in general education courses and spend the rest of their time on classes with particular relevance to the major. These degrees are often required before individuals can gain access to desirable professions.

    What is a Bachelor in Statistics? The major may have a broad focus incorporating principles of mathematics and a number of techniques used in statistics. Core courses will focus on mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, and related mathematics subjects. Other topics might include finance, economics, commodity market analysis, industrial statistics, public policy statistics, and others based on the career preferences of the student.

    There are some important benefits available to individuals who earn this bachelor’s degree. They are often able to move directly into satisfying career positions. With a strong academic background, graduates may find that their job opportunities are more varied and more lucrative than for peers without the same educational background.

    The costs associated with this program can vary a great deal from one school to another and especially across international borders. Prospective students should review their options by contacting the schools directly.

    After graduation, individuals may naturally seek positions as statisticians. However, there are a number of possibilities available. These include work in trial testing and product evaluation in industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, and software companies. Some graduates find jobs working in government positions, environmental agencies, and national defense. The range of opportunities is very broad and allows for a lot of personal choice.

    If you are interested in learning more about this program and its career possibilities, take a look at the program listing and accompanying lead forms. To find schools suitable to your situation, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.