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259 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Social Work 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Social Work

Social Work is the interdisciplinary social science that examines human behavior and social systems. It is a broad field of study and graduates with a Bachelor of Social Work have many career opportunities.

A Bachelor of Social Work will provide students with a foundation of Social Work theories and practices. It will examine major human behavior theories and how these are applied to real world issues and people. A Bachelor of Social Work helps students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the demanding field of Social Work, and this is done through coursework that focuses on topics such as social welfare and policy, psychology, human development, morals and ethics, and community development. Graduates with a Bachelor of Social Work often go on to jobs in non-profit or non-governmental organizations in positions such as Case Managers and Advocates, working with people dealing with issues of poverty, substance abuse, or family violence.

If you have a genuine interest in helping people and want to use that attribute in your career, then consider a Bachelor of Social Work. Start by searching through the options below to find the perfect school for you!